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>> Tuesday, 6 September 2005

Happy Birthday Shien-Yin!

This avatar is ka~~~waii!! one of the kawaii-est ^_______^

You know what? What? What what? What what what?
Don't mind that. I just thought of that a few minutes ago. I'm just getting lamer and lamer -____-;; is it an exam phenomena? bleh.

Ok. The good news is: Trials ended today, and I did quite fine (and the results came out quite not fine). Bad news is: we need to come to school on this Saturday, for the sake of pra-PMR (that's what I thought). English 1, Malay 1, and Geografi. I hate maps.

Pelabuhan that have kontena: Bintulu and Klang. I'll remember you for the rest of my life, as I remembered that vinegar uses acetic acid. I did wrong for the kontena T____T Should have just trust my first instinct. Our first instinct normally is correct, until you believe "i think its this" logic, unless you're the one who studied until late night.

i still havent think of a better continuation for my story! argh.

I just got a pet sis! I'm getting old, am I? *cough cough*

Faizull isn't out!! *^%$%*

These days the posts are shorter. Nothing to write. -_______-;;

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