Reality hurts

>> Friday, 19 August 2005

Arent this avatar cool? Downloaded from Digik[dot]net. It has cool avatars! I downloaded almost all avatars XD

I dreamt that my speaker is working. I'm listening to a chinese song. In reality, my speaker isnt working.
Reality hurts.

Today was Hari Ko-ku! Sadly we arent allowed to watch. Sigh. Luckily Pn Normah was good. She lets us to watch the cheers. lol. We never study for the whole day. There's a radio in the class. Unknown's radio. Hmm. creepy. We were being evil with the radio and the ghost ran away XD

A few other class' people came down. Somebody brought guitar. Most of the guys can play it. Damn chun. I wanna learn too! I think its cool. Electric guitar will just make noise. If you play the classic, people will be attracted and they just sit down and see you play XD just jk. I just have that feel.

I got 48 for my Maths paper 2. Chern Jie got 55. wth. Most of my mistakes are in those "pqr+pq" type. indices and algebra. hmm. I sux at numbers AND alphabets. lol. My Maths 2 saved me from 'B'isaster! I got 86. Pn Ng said that this is almost PMR standard. I'm good XD

alter ego. hmm.

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