Harry Potter is a bad boy

>> Thursday, 25 August 2005

Okie. another avatar! Featuring Sakura and Syaoran! From Tsubasa Chronicles. My fave among the avatars I downloaded!

About MI. Again.
Xerra was out. WTH. My fave Idol! Hmm.. close second fave. confused @_@ I have a bunch of faves! Ok so she's out. Paul Moss is a good predictor. Sometimes a bit TOO good. argh. Next week's theme is rock. Daniel's weak spot. But I think he can make it through. Chinese vote for him! Is it racist or what?

What have I done in this holiday
Reread Harry Potter 2 and 4. And I read until 12.30AM everyday because of Harry Potter. Bad boy.
Watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (I want Bewitched!)
Update the blog just ONCE.
Asked Min to help me buy Full House Soundtrack!
And er.. I think thats all. A bit too little!

Now I wanted to read HP6! I dunno why. I still cannot imagine how Hogwarts will be without Dumbledore. I wanna reread HP 3 and 5. I read HP 3 in Chinese version. Its my fave HP book! And I forgot everything in HP5. I guess it had to do with Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix. Or.. maybe not.

I was thinking of changing the name of my blog. The current one its a bit too long. Still, I havent have a clue yet. It will definitely in another language! Obviously shorter ;) I think I mentioned it before.

And I also consider to have the commenting things, and maybe delete the tagboard! I know I'm weird -____-;;

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