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>> Saturday, 6 August 2005

SCHOOL (last week): Drama competition! We just study the first 2 periods and we started to practice. And we're the first! And I cant stop laughing, cuz Su Wei was laughing, and she said I was laughing so she laughed. lol. So me and Su Wei changed to inside instead of outside.

I dont think the audience get the humour. Maybe because they speak too fast.

"I'm Hidetoshi Nakata. And you are?"
"The Queen of England."

"A beautiful flower for a beautiful girl."
"No la, you're the cantik one."
"No la you're the cantik one."
"No la."
"No la. You're the beautiful one."
"Yea la, so i'm the beautiful one. Like duh."
"Saloma, watashiwa suki anata."
"Ah, what you say ah?"


I just get to watch Meranti's, Belian's and quarter of Balau's drama. I dont get Meranti's drama. Cinderella, Snow White, Britney Spears, Pizza, Internet, Rapunzel... wth. Oh yes Juliet from Romeo and Juliet. Juliet was acted by Ashton!! haha. Belian's was very sejarah. Its from when Karl Marx (I thought it was Santa XD) announced this thing called communist and ended on 3 times of Merdeka!. Its supposed to be 7 times la. Balau's got one old man. I dont get it -____-;;
We got 2nd in drama! Belian got first. Maybe its very sejarah. And Balau got third. Go Cengal, Go Cengal =D

MI: Xerra actually is the bottom three?! Damn unbelievable. I thought Nitta was the one who's not going to be staying anymore. She chose the wrong song. I dont think the song actually show off her voice range. And Azam was eliminated. Who will be eliminated next week? Hope its not Xerra. Oh and not to forget Daniel ;)

GRAPHIC: YES!! Another graphic!! It had been a LONG time since the last time i post up a blend isnt it? ;)
Click to view a clearer image
This time its featuring Rain. Well I kept my promise about making another blend about a korean star. But that time it was another guy. lol. This person here is cute or handsome or extremely cute or extremely handsome? XD I love the word a lot! Its so elegant...

SCHOOL (today): So we need to choose which stream and package we want for next year. I was thinking of taking package 2 or 3, which was accounts or IT, but my mom wants me to take pure science or account *sobz* i get confused around those numbers, and I dont think I can manage all this pure science things. I cant even sit down and study properly for 10 minutes!! *sobz* luckily we need to pass up the form after the trials which is somewhere on September, so I can have more time to decide which will be my first choice and the second!

CRAPS: Hope Young Jae know who he loves -____-;; Was thinking of buying Full House Soundtrack. Will it be expensive?

[EDIT] Class trip to Genting!! Class party is a pool party at Tropicana! Wherever it is, it seems fun =D And the requirements: Everyone must wear trunks, especially Choon Seng (as for the #1 hottest guy in Cengal). Yeah ignore the "everyone must wear trunks" part =) [/EDIT]

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