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>> Saturday, 9 July 2005

Try this numerology portrait. Its something like counting your name =D This is my result:

Your Soul Number is THREE.

You are a romantic and an optimist at heart, with a great appreciation for life and all of its pleasures and beauty. Your gifts are imagination, inspiration, the ability to dream and to create.

Your natural generosity, big-heartedness, and good humor wins you many friends. You have an inner joy and buoyancy which enables you to encourage and bring hope to others. However, some consider you unrealistic and naive, for you are drawn to the bright side of life and avoid the dark or difficult aspects of people and situations as much as possible. You do seem to attract more than your share of the good things in life. Comfort and ease come naturally to you. You are a very social creature and you especially enjoy being with creative, playful, spontaneous people. Theatre, dance, music, and other expressive arts have a strong appeal for you. Your weaknesses may include laziness, lack of discipline, and impracticality.

This is so true =p Of course, this is just a free sample. You'll get a much more accurate reading if you willing to buy the full-length reading =)

We had diagnostic test in the last 2 days. Maths was OK. Just that you need to translate. sigh. Science is worse! you need to translate too T_________T I never study for these exams. hah.

I need jap/korean songs! just that i feel like it ;) any suggestions? yes some requirements to follow. my speaker is not working so i need to set it -________-;;

hopefully is R&B, no 100%rock, hopefully not rock, hopefully not a very happy song (i'm different). No preference on singers =)


If you like animes, you can join Minitokyo. People here are friendly, and you can join the forum, and it had a gallery too! full of animes~ But you need to be in the 10th level to download it =)

I wanna watch Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles!!! Featuring CCS. well kinda =) Argh it seems so nice!! cuz sakura and syaoran are in it =p I supposed the whole set of manga/series are $$ -_______-;;

the picture on the left is 'grown-up version' of sakura and syaoran =) Aren't they cute? Especially Syaoran ;)

Phew. is this a long post? hah.

Whoo. finding picture craze is starting again =)

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