RAINing in Full House

>> Tuesday, 26 July 2005

Whee~ I finally decided to update! hah.

Anyone watch Full House? Its damn hilarious! Starring Rain (so damn kawaii!!) and Song Hye-Kyo. When you watch it for the first time the couple would be like an elder sister and a brother, but after a few times you'll feel like its 2 little kids. lol. For the synopsis, visit my xanga

Whoo hoo~ noticed the avatar? I made it myself hah. Lazy for a huge graphic, plus I'm getting good with this already ^^;; so is this a "light industry"?

I've read a book lately. Its called "Who Moved My Cheese?" the title is funny. hah.

its a story of 4 little characters, Sniff, Scurry (mouse), Hem and Haw (little people). They were in a maze, finding cheese. [Cheese represents lots of things, depending on a person]. So they reached Cheese Station N. Hem and Haw never noticed that the cheese gets smaller and smaller, unlike Sniff and Scurry, noticing every changes. When the cheese was finally finish, Hem and Haw was complaining "who moved my cheese?!" while Sniff and Scurry hurrily went off to the maze and find new cheese for them. Hem and Haw stayed at Cheeseless Station N (since there's no cheese ;) for quite some time, until Haw decided to find new cheese, while Hem waited for somebody to put on new cheese.

Most of us are like Hem. We don't want things to change. If we don't change according to the situation, we would not be successful. Basic instincts are important too ;)

Its just a thin book, but its really interesting =)

Urgh. Hate spam!!! I received 2 spams a few days ago. 2 of 'em have attachment on it. Damn. Its virus!! Hate the people who create the thing called "spam" today, there's a guy added me. I thought its some djian so I just accept it. Guess what's the first thing he typed -- "hi sweety" then "nice looks you got there (or similar)" I think he means my display pic. The girl on it was jang nara. I don't think there's ppl that stupid -_______-;; next time I put Rain's pic and see whether if any anonymous add me XD I know I'm evil.

Added another new link! Its Pootato.org. It has tons of good tutorials and graphics, so do visit~!

I have TONS of songs to download back. Sigh

  • An Jae Wook - Persona, Illusion (korean version)
  • BoA - Merikuri
  • Fly To The Sky (FTTS)'s songs (its a jap or korean group?)
  • Dong Bang Shin Ki - Hug, My Little Princess
  • Yu Heng - Shen Hu Xi
  • Januari (malay)
Hmm. That's a lot. Januari was such a chun song. Adam sang it on Wildcards =D btw, congrats to Adam and Azam (they're not brothers, aren't they?) that they're in Top 11!!

First Love of a Royal Prince's and Wonderful life's theme song are so damn nice! I wonder where can I download it. If downloading is illegal, just ignore the illegal part k? =p

Anybody wants a gmail invitation? Email me ^^

Haha. Blogger's spell checker helped me to spot mistakes! But, it really need to learn some bahasa pasar, like "chun", "djian"... lol Too bad it doesnt check for grammar mistakes.

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