go Dan, go Dan =D

>> Monday, 18 July 2005

Whoo~ I'm damn crazy bout this year's Malaysian Idol. My fave contestant this year is the Penang Guy (apparently he's from Kedah =p) which is normally known as Daniel lol. love lust at first sight =p Well at first I called him the Penang Guy cuz I dunno his name, and he auditioned in Penang. He is like a pure music lover. He studied music. Why must ppl learn so much instruments?! He plays violin, guitar and piano -_____-;;

Gosh Vick plays piano, drum, guitar and keyboard! Chunted~ Unlike me -_____-;;

Last time I called Vick the Ipoh Boy, cuz he's from Ipoh, obviously. hah. Visit MI Official Webbie for the "exclusive" judges interview =)

Go Dan, Go Dan~

Updated a lil in the links.

Whoo~ its just a short one. Not much happened these days -________-;;

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