>> Tuesday, 5 July 2005

Dynamitez got first in Cheer 2oo5!! D-Y-M-N-A-M-I-T-E-Z Dynamitez Boom Boom!!

Its July. now. After a few more months then its the trials and PMR!! T___________T

Not much happened lately. JJ came to Malaysia!! I listened to the interviews (JJ and Jin Sha), but I actually forgot to watch 8Enews (JJ is the guest)!!! Argh I hate myself >.<

Jin Sha seems to be a nice person to chat with (lol). She's a Pisces if i'm not mistaken. lol.

I continue playing The Sims. Since we seldom play it (last time) so i uninstalled it. my sis install it back again =D i continue my style -- in love with everyone in the neighbourhood =p its not fun to play if they just love a person. lol. And i changed a lil -- 2 ppl in a house, 1 go to work. i seldom did that since the day i know the cheat way to get money (thx to pei fang =) and i got confused and busy since there is 2 ppl in the house. lol.

I love and hate chocolates.

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