RAINing in Full House

>> Tuesday, 26 July 2005

Whee~ I finally decided to update! hah.

Anyone watch Full House? Its damn hilarious! Starring Rain (so damn kawaii!!) and Song Hye-Kyo. When you watch it for the first time the couple would be like an elder sister and a brother, but after a few times you'll feel like its 2 little kids. lol. For the synopsis, visit my xanga

Whoo hoo~ noticed the avatar? I made it myself hah. Lazy for a huge graphic, plus I'm getting good with this already ^^;; so is this a "light industry"?

I've read a book lately. Its called "Who Moved My Cheese?" the title is funny. hah.

its a story of 4 little characters, Sniff, Scurry (mouse), Hem and Haw (little people). They were in a maze, finding cheese. [Cheese represents lots of things, depending on a person]. So they reached Cheese Station N. Hem and Haw never noticed that the cheese gets smaller and smaller, unlike Sniff and Scurry, noticing every changes. When the cheese was finally finish, Hem and Haw was complaining "who moved my cheese?!" while Sniff and Scurry hurrily went off to the maze and find new cheese for them. Hem and Haw stayed at Cheeseless Station N (since there's no cheese ;) for quite some time, until Haw decided to find new cheese, while Hem waited for somebody to put on new cheese.

Most of us are like Hem. We don't want things to change. If we don't change according to the situation, we would not be successful. Basic instincts are important too ;)

Its just a thin book, but its really interesting =)

Urgh. Hate spam!!! I received 2 spams a few days ago. 2 of 'em have attachment on it. Damn. Its virus!! Hate the people who create the thing called "spam" today, there's a guy added me. I thought its some djian so I just accept it. Guess what's the first thing he typed -- "hi sweety" then "nice looks you got there (or similar)" I think he means my display pic. The girl on it was jang nara. I don't think there's ppl that stupid -_______-;; next time I put Rain's pic and see whether if any anonymous add me XD I know I'm evil.

Added another new link! Its Pootato.org. It has tons of good tutorials and graphics, so do visit~!

I have TONS of songs to download back. Sigh

  • An Jae Wook - Persona, Illusion (korean version)
  • BoA - Merikuri
  • Fly To The Sky (FTTS)'s songs (its a jap or korean group?)
  • Dong Bang Shin Ki - Hug, My Little Princess
  • Yu Heng - Shen Hu Xi
  • Januari (malay)
Hmm. That's a lot. Januari was such a chun song. Adam sang it on Wildcards =D btw, congrats to Adam and Azam (they're not brothers, aren't they?) that they're in Top 11!!

First Love of a Royal Prince's and Wonderful life's theme song are so damn nice! I wonder where can I download it. If downloading is illegal, just ignore the illegal part k? =p

Anybody wants a gmail invitation? Email me ^^

Haha. Blogger's spell checker helped me to spot mistakes! But, it really need to learn some bahasa pasar, like "chun", "djian"... lol Too bad it doesnt check for grammar mistakes.


go Dan, go Dan =D

>> Monday, 18 July 2005

Whoo~ I'm damn crazy bout this year's Malaysian Idol. My fave contestant this year is the Penang Guy (apparently he's from Kedah =p) which is normally known as Daniel lol. love lust at first sight =p Well at first I called him the Penang Guy cuz I dunno his name, and he auditioned in Penang. He is like a pure music lover. He studied music. Why must ppl learn so much instruments?! He plays violin, guitar and piano -_____-;;

Gosh Vick plays piano, drum, guitar and keyboard! Chunted~ Unlike me -_____-;;

Last time I called Vick the Ipoh Boy, cuz he's from Ipoh, obviously. hah. Visit MI Official Webbie for the "exclusive" judges interview =)

Go Dan, Go Dan~

Updated a lil in the links.

Whoo~ its just a short one. Not much happened these days -________-;;


Yoko Shimizudani

>> Thursday, 14 July 2005

I was supposed to go to school but i never. hah. 2 reasons:

#1 i hv no transport to go back home cuz pin never go
#2 i'm lazy, as usual =p

Your Japanese Name Is...

Yoko Shimizudani

Well I got this stuff from Charlotte's blog. Can anybody translate "shimizudani"? I never heard of it before =p well yoko is 容子 in chinese. I dunno whether you guys can read it or not. this is one of the benefits of watching japanese drame =p

well i've uploaded 被风吹过的夏天 (summer breeze) by JJ and Jin Sha~ I love this song =D Tell me what you think about this song =D

This girl is so damn kawaii! Whoo~ she's Jin Sha ;) but she doesnt looks that kawaii here. when she came to Msia (with JJ) she looks so damn cute ^^ Well i didnt went but you can catch up on the newspaper or the website or the TV =) JJ and Jin Sha is really a cute couple <3

I think Jin Sha is cuter than Cyndi. Nothing to do with JJ and no offense to Cyndi fans =)

Really kesian to those ppl who get involved with JJ (rumour). Sigh.


tsubasa chronicles

>> Saturday, 9 July 2005

Try this numerology portrait. Its something like counting your name =D This is my result:

Your Soul Number is THREE.

You are a romantic and an optimist at heart, with a great appreciation for life and all of its pleasures and beauty. Your gifts are imagination, inspiration, the ability to dream and to create.

Your natural generosity, big-heartedness, and good humor wins you many friends. You have an inner joy and buoyancy which enables you to encourage and bring hope to others. However, some consider you unrealistic and naive, for you are drawn to the bright side of life and avoid the dark or difficult aspects of people and situations as much as possible. You do seem to attract more than your share of the good things in life. Comfort and ease come naturally to you. You are a very social creature and you especially enjoy being with creative, playful, spontaneous people. Theatre, dance, music, and other expressive arts have a strong appeal for you. Your weaknesses may include laziness, lack of discipline, and impracticality.

This is so true =p Of course, this is just a free sample. You'll get a much more accurate reading if you willing to buy the full-length reading =)

We had diagnostic test in the last 2 days. Maths was OK. Just that you need to translate. sigh. Science is worse! you need to translate too T_________T I never study for these exams. hah.

I need jap/korean songs! just that i feel like it ;) any suggestions? yes some requirements to follow. my speaker is not working so i need to set it -________-;;

hopefully is R&B, no 100%rock, hopefully not rock, hopefully not a very happy song (i'm different). No preference on singers =)


If you like animes, you can join Minitokyo. People here are friendly, and you can join the forum, and it had a gallery too! full of animes~ But you need to be in the 10th level to download it =)

I wanna watch Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles!!! Featuring CCS. well kinda =) Argh it seems so nice!! cuz sakura and syaoran are in it =p I supposed the whole set of manga/series are $$ -_______-;;

the picture on the left is 'grown-up version' of sakura and syaoran =) Aren't they cute? Especially Syaoran ;)

Phew. is this a long post? hah.

Whoo. finding picture craze is starting again =)



>> Tuesday, 5 July 2005

Dynamitez got first in Cheer 2oo5!! D-Y-M-N-A-M-I-T-E-Z Dynamitez Boom Boom!!

Its July. now. After a few more months then its the trials and PMR!! T___________T

Not much happened lately. JJ came to Malaysia!! I listened to the interviews (JJ and Jin Sha), but I actually forgot to watch 8Enews (JJ is the guest)!!! Argh I hate myself >.<

Jin Sha seems to be a nice person to chat with (lol). She's a Pisces if i'm not mistaken. lol.

I continue playing The Sims. Since we seldom play it (last time) so i uninstalled it. my sis install it back again =D i continue my style -- in love with everyone in the neighbourhood =p its not fun to play if they just love a person. lol. And i changed a lil -- 2 ppl in a house, 1 go to work. i seldom did that since the day i know the cheat way to get money (thx to pei fang =) and i got confused and busy since there is 2 ppl in the house. lol.

I love and hate chocolates.


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