>> Sunday, 5 June 2005

Sejarah project status -- Left with rumusan, senarai kandungan, lampiran, rujukan and binding.

Went to A'Famosa Water Park yesterday! I played body slide for more than 10 times. Although my knees were really tiring walking the stairs, but I just ignore it. LoL. Can't get to play inner tube, cuz you're supposed to rent a tube to play it. They don't supply it for you. Unlike Sunway Lagoon. After A'Famosa Water Park, my "target" now is the water park in Sungai Besi (or somewhere near KL). LoL. I love water park

Before we went home we went to Jonker Street (wen hua jie; 2 4 1). Things there are really expensive, and they sell things that you can't find in "normal" pasar malam -- books, UNO cards, soft toys (this is a rare sight). Well I finally got UNO cards! Its a fake, but I don't really care, as long as I can play (I'm not brand-conscious. Sort of).

I saw a Wilber Pan layout on Blogskins.com. If Vi Iyin ever sees this, I should get ready with an entry form for her to join Tanjung Rambutan Apple.

I STILL can't find a good layout for my blog. Sigh.

People seems to be more busy in holidays.

PS: I THINK I saw Abang Roslan during the journey to the water park. He's wearing a dark green shirt and his half-bald. Cant remember the car plate number though, except WLA silver van. Never saw Paul Moss or Kak Jee.

There's no love at first sight, but there's love AFTER first sight.

New email address! win.Zzee[at]gmail[dot]com. The name is weird. The 2 Z's there looks like I'm sleeping -_____- ;; Got the invitation from Emma. Thanks a lot ^^

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