End of holidays

>> Friday, 10 June 2005

Whoa! After a few months of green, now its brown! And of course, a kawaii teddy Why must kaos be so cute? Its so torturing, seeing such cute kaos (LoL) Look at that sheep over there *points* Its a kao too. Downloaded from Kao-ani. They really supply lots of cute stuffs ^^

Yes! My sejarah project is finally off the schedule!

Hmm.. I wonder whether Pei Fang and Zhe Juin dreamt about me in the holidays or not. Hah.

Finally downloaded Lydia (piano version) and Guang Liang's Fairy Tale score! Yay ^______^v Lydia is extremely difficult to play. Ooh my fingers are sore. But Fairy Tale is quite easy. Of course I need a few days to play it nicely. (Scores from Piano Angel)

Whee~Theory exam's result is going to be out this month!! Finally.

I still dont know how to blend -_______-;;

What Have I Actually Done in this (boring) Holidays
Improved my skill on hitting mosquitoes
Managed not to play the comp for too long
Can actually finish my sejarah project without much help from my mom
Done a lil bit of Scienc
Managed not to eat too much (but I still got fatter -________-;;)
Went to A'Famosa water park ^^v
Managed to reply my friend's letter (her last letter was like last year June?)

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