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>> Friday, 3 June 2005

Yes! My sejarah project is going to finish!

JJ (with Ado and Jin Sha) is coming to Malaysia on July 3rd!! After I read the news I cant get my mind off it. And thats the reason why I cant sleep yesterday. I kept imagining the scene where me and my friends meet JJ. OMG whats wrong with me?! I thought I wouldn't mind if I cant meet JJ this year (but of course being depressed for a whole week). But I think I'm just lieing to myself. I guess I kena poison and the only cure is to meet JJ. Hmm. JJ is the poison AND the cure.

I read a comic about a ghost teacher. There's one way to know who's your future husband/wife (I dunno if its true).

Be ready with a pale of water and a shaver (T-shape). Then stare at the water by biting the shaver. On midnight (12:00:00am) an image of your future husband/wife will appear on the water. DO NOT release the shaver. If the shaver dropped into the image, your future husband/wife's face will get hurt (depends on where the shaver dropped).

Hmm. I wonder if this is true. LoL.

Some facts I discovered during the holidays (sort of):

  1. Life is just like a maze. The junctions are the choices you make. If you make the right choice, then you're getting near to the destination/end. If you make the wrong choice, you get into the wrong junction, and you will meet a dead end. You can go back if you want, but it will be a very tough road.
  2. The aim of ghost stories is actually to scare people not to do something, but eventually it developed into scaring and giving excitement to people.
  3. God does not create EVERYTHING. He just create the animals, the plants and the earth. He wants all living to learn to be creative.
I think its rather lame. LoL. The 3rd fact is just my opinion (aka lame fact). Fellow christians can just treat it as a joke.

Realize those kawaii emoticons --> ? I got it from Kao-ani. Since its in my "linkages" section, I guess I dont need to put it on the credits part. LoL.

You need love.
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