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>> Thursday, 16 June 2005

I'm back! Nothing much happen recently. Just doing the same things everyday.

My highest score is seni, 82, then its maths 81 and chinese 8o, which i ask the teacher to add me 2 more marks ;) Su Wei got 91 for seni! Good huh. My worst score is geografi which is only 68! I cant believe that i can even get a 60+ for my geografi! May Ling got 89 for her geografi, and she got 79.x just for her objective. Whoa. These people are good.

My cousin bro came. He gave us some books and Ocean Ou De Yang's 2nd album [liu se de cai hong]. He seems to be Ocean's fans, except that he buy pirated CDs LoL.

Toreto Biba = toilet paper
Kedai denwa = mobile phone

Japanese is weird.

Chat with my old classmate. He's in CHS, yet he said his chinese is not very good now. This is counted as normal if he's in DJ (or elsewhere except CHS). He's a good boy in Std 6, always do his homework (I did mine too, except that I'm dont study my ting xie) and we were complaining about the teacher now. Dont judge a book by its cover.

The good thing about like to write and know how to crap: If you have nothing to write for your essay/karangan in exam, all you can do is follow your instinct, no matter is correct or not, just crap all the way. I do think its effective. LoL.

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