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>> Saturday, 25 June 2005

I was supposed to go to Kedah, but then I refused. 2 reasons: i would be more bored there, cuz nobody can chat or crap or play with me. i cant mix with them. i dunno why. maybe they're more mature, they're not playful, they dont crap. sigh.

This icon is so cool. found it on blogskins, somebody's "photo", but i forgot its who's.

We (iyin pin zhe juin me) ended up singing on lian huan hui. long story. Hmm. i hope we dont get stage fright, or forget our lyrics. and zhe juin must at least be brave enough to sing for us, and iyin must not sing out of tune.

I'm getting crazy about photoshop and also jang nara XD My first work! Featuring Jang Nara! Arent she gwiyeowo (cute in korean)?

I cant think of a better phrase to put on. The photos was took in Taiwan. Hmm. If pin's hair is thicker (and brown), and she's taller, then maybe she'll looks like jang nara =p

Official English Website of Jang Nara

Actually I wanna make it like a film, with those lines on it, or have a grungy feel, but i dunno how.

I even made an avatar, featuring Jang Nara too. And now its my display pic on my MSN. Nothing special though, except that i've learned a new skill =)

Decided to make another blend, maybe featuring another korean star XD

JJ is coming to Malaysia! Woohoo! *sings* i got the schedule~ Hah. I must go and meet him! I dont mind getting tuition, get scolded, make fun of me cuz i like JJ...... i just wanna meet him! Haha. I'm crazy =p JJ is a bad bad boy. He make me lose lots of things. lol just joking =p

Happy birthday Hui Lynn!


Cute in korean....

>> Wednesday, 22 June 2005

I have no homework today, so I decided to update a lil =)

Listened to Yida's new song -- [zhuan shu mi ma] and [na nu hai dui wo shuo]. I listened to [zhuan] for three times a day! Just coincidence =) [Na] is quite nice. Composer is not Yida himself =p I forgot its who. I found out that Yida looks a lil like Stefanie Sun. Its just because of his hairstyle. Its longer. I like [Na]. Kept singing it lol. So maybe I'll download it. But its still new -_______-;;

Yes! I have nothing below B for my mid-term! Hooray~ Lowest mark is 68, Geografi *saddening* and highest is 82, seni. I think I mentioned it before. But nvm =) So my percentage is around 70++ A percentage that a cengal-ian should get. Improved quite a lot from last term. Not really my style. lol.

Whats cute in korean?



>> Monday, 20 June 2005

Went to Zhe Juin's house yesterday to practice (or rather start) our dance. The one and only person who is absent is Iyin. Sigh. Well we practiced for 4 hours I guess. We ate McD. Hah. I had a long time never eat fast food.

I had 2 "quite-normal" dreams, if you compared my other dreams with these. LoL.

I had my first dream yesterday -- Its Sports Day and I'm in SMKDJ. Iyin and I were in the canteen, cuz we dont wanna watch the races in the padang. Then we got bored and walked in the car park. People were marching there. I nearly knocked down someone unknown. He was like no expression on him. Like a scout (lol). OK then we got bored again and decided to go out the school. Its quite dark. Lots of people were like behind that "police-line-look-alike" thing. Well for some unknown reasons we dont need to stand there. We went to the drain (opposite the school) and sat there. They started the fireworks already. By that time I was lying on the road (and it doesnt seem weird to me and others). The fireworks are.. weird, but I wasnt feeling that that time. When the firework started, those green fires (or something) were gathering together and formed a green swiss cheese moon. LoL. And when it "poof" out (I dunno how to describe), it was so so so beautiful!!

2nd dream was today. Quite short -- All of us (min, pin, iyin, juin, rene and me) were in Rene's house. We ate finish our dinner and ready to watch TV. Rene's mom asked rene to eat something which Rene refused to. Her mom then told her "If you dont eat you will blabla". The the scene changed to a mountain/cliff. Maybe its just a fake one. All of us were below (including rene's mom) except rene herself. She was hanging on the cliff, and shouting "Help!" Her mom shout back to her "I asked you to eat that thing already and you dont want!" Broken English LoL


Minggu Pusat Sumber. They have this PowerPoint presentation. The background music is FIR's qian nian zhi lian! Hah.

Before recess we had gotong-royong. I wiped the window. Sigh. Then after recess Pn Chuah asked me and Wan Ying to help her with something. Sigh. But then I dont need to be so bored, staying in class. I'm a person who cant stop. LoL.


The 6 colours rainbow...

>> Thursday, 16 June 2005

I'm back! Nothing much happen recently. Just doing the same things everyday.

My highest score is seni, 82, then its maths 81 and chinese 8o, which i ask the teacher to add me 2 more marks ;) Su Wei got 91 for seni! Good huh. My worst score is geografi which is only 68! I cant believe that i can even get a 60+ for my geografi! May Ling got 89 for her geografi, and she got 79.x just for her objective. Whoa. These people are good.

My cousin bro came. He gave us some books and Ocean Ou De Yang's 2nd album [liu se de cai hong]. He seems to be Ocean's fans, except that he buy pirated CDs LoL.

Toreto Biba = toilet paper
Kedai denwa = mobile phone

Japanese is weird.

Chat with my old classmate. He's in CHS, yet he said his chinese is not very good now. This is counted as normal if he's in DJ (or elsewhere except CHS). He's a good boy in Std 6, always do his homework (I did mine too, except that I'm dont study my ting xie) and we were complaining about the teacher now. Dont judge a book by its cover.

The good thing about like to write and know how to crap: If you have nothing to write for your essay/karangan in exam, all you can do is follow your instinct, no matter is correct or not, just crap all the way. I do think its effective. LoL.


End of holidays

>> Friday, 10 June 2005

Whoa! After a few months of green, now its brown! And of course, a kawaii teddy Why must kaos be so cute? Its so torturing, seeing such cute kaos (LoL) Look at that sheep over there *points* Its a kao too. Downloaded from Kao-ani. They really supply lots of cute stuffs ^^

Yes! My sejarah project is finally off the schedule!

Hmm.. I wonder whether Pei Fang and Zhe Juin dreamt about me in the holidays or not. Hah.

Finally downloaded Lydia (piano version) and Guang Liang's Fairy Tale score! Yay ^______^v Lydia is extremely difficult to play. Ooh my fingers are sore. But Fairy Tale is quite easy. Of course I need a few days to play it nicely. (Scores from Piano Angel)

Whee~Theory exam's result is going to be out this month!! Finally.

I still dont know how to blend -_______-;;

What Have I Actually Done in this (boring) Holidays
Improved my skill on hitting mosquitoes
Managed not to play the comp for too long
Can actually finish my sejarah project without much help from my mom
Done a lil bit of Scienc
Managed not to eat too much (but I still got fatter -________-;;)
Went to A'Famosa water park ^^v
Managed to reply my friend's letter (her last letter was like last year June?)



>> Sunday, 5 June 2005

Sejarah project status -- Left with rumusan, senarai kandungan, lampiran, rujukan and binding.

Went to A'Famosa Water Park yesterday! I played body slide for more than 10 times. Although my knees were really tiring walking the stairs, but I just ignore it. LoL. Can't get to play inner tube, cuz you're supposed to rent a tube to play it. They don't supply it for you. Unlike Sunway Lagoon. After A'Famosa Water Park, my "target" now is the water park in Sungai Besi (or somewhere near KL). LoL. I love water park

Before we went home we went to Jonker Street (wen hua jie; 2 4 1). Things there are really expensive, and they sell things that you can't find in "normal" pasar malam -- books, UNO cards, soft toys (this is a rare sight). Well I finally got UNO cards! Its a fake, but I don't really care, as long as I can play (I'm not brand-conscious. Sort of).

I saw a Wilber Pan layout on If Vi Iyin ever sees this, I should get ready with an entry form for her to join Tanjung Rambutan Apple.

I STILL can't find a good layout for my blog. Sigh.

People seems to be more busy in holidays.

PS: I THINK I saw Abang Roslan during the journey to the water park. He's wearing a dark green shirt and his half-bald. Cant remember the car plate number though, except WLA silver van. Never saw Paul Moss or Kak Jee.

There's no love at first sight, but there's love AFTER first sight.

New email address! win.Zzee[at]gmail[dot]com. The name is weird. The 2 Z's there looks like I'm sleeping -_____- ;; Got the invitation from Emma. Thanks a lot ^^


Being bored.

>> Friday, 3 June 2005

Yes! My sejarah project is going to finish!

JJ (with Ado and Jin Sha) is coming to Malaysia on July 3rd!! After I read the news I cant get my mind off it. And thats the reason why I cant sleep yesterday. I kept imagining the scene where me and my friends meet JJ. OMG whats wrong with me?! I thought I wouldn't mind if I cant meet JJ this year (but of course being depressed for a whole week). But I think I'm just lieing to myself. I guess I kena poison and the only cure is to meet JJ. Hmm. JJ is the poison AND the cure.

I read a comic about a ghost teacher. There's one way to know who's your future husband/wife (I dunno if its true).

Be ready with a pale of water and a shaver (T-shape). Then stare at the water by biting the shaver. On midnight (12:00:00am) an image of your future husband/wife will appear on the water. DO NOT release the shaver. If the shaver dropped into the image, your future husband/wife's face will get hurt (depends on where the shaver dropped).

Hmm. I wonder if this is true. LoL.

Some facts I discovered during the holidays (sort of):

  1. Life is just like a maze. The junctions are the choices you make. If you make the right choice, then you're getting near to the destination/end. If you make the wrong choice, you get into the wrong junction, and you will meet a dead end. You can go back if you want, but it will be a very tough road.
  2. The aim of ghost stories is actually to scare people not to do something, but eventually it developed into scaring and giving excitement to people.
  3. God does not create EVERYTHING. He just create the animals, the plants and the earth. He wants all living to learn to be creative.
I think its rather lame. LoL. The 3rd fact is just my opinion (aka lame fact). Fellow christians can just treat it as a joke.

Realize those kawaii emoticons --> ? I got it from Kao-ani. Since its in my "linkages" section, I guess I dont need to put it on the credits part. LoL.

You need love.
You are a pretty normal, well-rounded person that just craves that fairy tale love where you will be swept off your feet and live happily ever after. Chances are that you fantasize or dream about it so much that you either see all the guys/girls as unromantic or you tell yourself that anyone could be your soulmate. You long to have someone by your side and you want to give back on the romance part too, not just give.

What Do You Need in Your Life?
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