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>> Monday, 2 May 2005

I think my comp kena virus, but I can't scan the comp cuz I think the virus just invaded Norton Antivirus >.<>dead meat half-dead meat. I still have time to do my Sejarah project, cuz we're allowed to pass up a few days before exams. I guess. Speaking of exams, its starting on 18th May! Luckily we just need to study Form 1 and 3 Sejarah, everything for Maths and Science. Well Maths will not be a problem to score A, but maybe I gotta practice more on my coordinates, angles amd indices *headache* Science.. I don't know why, but I seems to get a B for my science everytime, although I always talk about Science outside, like vegetative reproduction. LoL. Its a long story anyway. Sejarah.. ah. Nightmare. Gotta study night and day, day and night. I often study last minute.

I think JJ's promo tour is on May too! Sigh. I know I can't go (cuz my mom will say I'm crazy of him and thats why I score BAD). So the only way to get his autograph (if I can) is through a middle-man (or woman) *sobz* But I wanna meet him! In person!! Argh. Must the world be this unfair? Lets think on the bright side. Since I have PMR this year, I know I won't be able to meet him. But, since next year I dont have any IMPORTANT exams (except for Add Maths and Sejarah!), I can meet him! LoL. I mean he comes to Malaysia everytime he released an album. I guess. LoL.

No dreams these days. Oh there's one which is VERY real! Well I'm in the living room, with my mom and my sis watching the TV3 drama. Then its ad! 8TV and TV3 are the same company (If you dont know this you know it now). They are making ad about a new anime on 8TV, and, guess what, Its Prince of Tennis! I was shouting "Prince of Tennis! Hey its Ryoma!" LoL. It is so true till I dont know if its a dream or reality! If you know the truth please tell me! I always get confused with dates and days *blur*

JJ's dance is so hard. And very robotic. I dont believe he used only 3 days to learn it! JJ got the song simply [jian jian dan dan] from his dream! He dreamt that he was playing the guitar. Ooh. Chun-nya.

My di er tian tang = People + music - ( Pollution + Drugs)

Do this math =D

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