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>> Friday, 20 May 2005

Geography + Science + Chinese = Failure

I finally get to go online!

Geography is so damn hard! I was staring at the questions for so damn long, cuz I dunno what the crap are they talking about. Sigh. I don't think I'll get an A for this. AGAIN. I hope this is not PMR standard.

Science is OK la. But I never really study much. Maybe a B, or even a C!!

BM is OK too. Except I dunno how to write Ringkasan and that picture thing. I just found a few isi for ringkasan. So I just treat it as I was doing my chinese ringkasan - every paragraph one isi. LoL. At least I got isi la. hah.

If you're in love with a person:

  • Even though s/he doesn't love you back, you'll pretend nothing wrong and remain as his/her friend.
  • You'll still send SMS or mails to him/her, even though s/he never reply.
  • His/her name always appears on your diary or letters. Or anywhere.
  • You hope s/he's online (messengers, ICQ etc.), so that you can chat with him for a day long.
  • You hope that s/he'll appear in your dream, because that's where you can control his/her activities.
If you don't love a person:
  • After s/he confesses his/her feelings to you, maybe you'll say "we just can be friends", but actually wish he will just get lost.
  • You seldom reply his/her mails/SMS.
  • If you found out that your name appears everywhere on his/her diary/letters/anywhere, you'll feel horrible and maybe even get sick (LoL).
  • If you ever saw him go online, your display name on his screen will appear "busy".
  • If s/he's ever in your dream, you will wake up immediately, because to you, its a nightmare!
Something I found on the paper. I wonder if its true or not. hah.

My piano teacher asked me whether I wanna take G8 next year, cuz I need to take the exam after I got my theory cert. which is actually on June or July. OMG! G8!! Thats really HIGH *look up* She also said that if I take G8, maybe she'll let her son to teach me. Ooh. I've always wanna meet her son. She describe her son (talent) like he's so perfect. He can compose a song that he heard before, whole song, in less that 5 minutes! Wow.

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