>> Thursday, 26 May 2005

Whee~! Exams are finally over! It seems that I have exams for like... a few months! My sense of timing is getting worse.

List on Which Should get What Grades
BM - at least 70
BI - at least 75
BC - at least 70
KH - at least 70
Maths - at least 75!
Science - at least 70
Moral - at least 70
Sejarah - at least 70
Geography - at least 70

I haven't plan my holiday yet, cuz I know I won't follow my schedule if I plan it. I still can't find a nice skin for my blog. And I mean REALLY nice. Sigh. Just gotta wait.


3 quarters dead meat

>> Friday, 20 May 2005

Geography + Science + Chinese = Failure

I finally get to go online!

Geography is so damn hard! I was staring at the questions for so damn long, cuz I dunno what the crap are they talking about. Sigh. I don't think I'll get an A for this. AGAIN. I hope this is not PMR standard.

Science is OK la. But I never really study much. Maybe a B, or even a C!!

BM is OK too. Except I dunno how to write Ringkasan and that picture thing. I just found a few isi for ringkasan. So I just treat it as I was doing my chinese ringkasan - every paragraph one isi. LoL. At least I got isi la. hah.

If you're in love with a person:

  • Even though s/he doesn't love you back, you'll pretend nothing wrong and remain as his/her friend.
  • You'll still send SMS or mails to him/her, even though s/he never reply.
  • His/her name always appears on your diary or letters. Or anywhere.
  • You hope s/he's online (messengers, ICQ etc.), so that you can chat with him for a day long.
  • You hope that s/he'll appear in your dream, because that's where you can control his/her activities.
If you don't love a person:
  • After s/he confesses his/her feelings to you, maybe you'll say "we just can be friends", but actually wish he will just get lost.
  • You seldom reply his/her mails/SMS.
  • If you found out that your name appears everywhere on his/her diary/letters/anywhere, you'll feel horrible and maybe even get sick (LoL).
  • If you ever saw him go online, your display name on his screen will appear "busy".
  • If s/he's ever in your dream, you will wake up immediately, because to you, its a nightmare!
Something I found on the paper. I wonder if its true or not. hah.

My piano teacher asked me whether I wanna take G8 next year, cuz I need to take the exam after I got my theory cert. which is actually on June or July. OMG! G8!! Thats really HIGH *look up* She also said that if I take G8, maybe she'll let her son to teach me. Ooh. I've always wanna meet her son. She describe her son (talent) like he's so perfect. He can compose a song that he heard before, whole song, in less that 5 minutes! Wow.



>> Sunday, 15 May 2005

I know I should be studying my chinese right now, but since I have the chance to go online and touch the computer for a while (this comp is gonna go for reformatting!), why must I let go the chance? ;p

I went to TTDI library yesterday, which is actually the second time. Its quite big, and sometimes I got lost >.< They have some really expensive books there (there's one in 16.99 euro. hah). Maybe its exam season right now, they have more visitors. I went to find books to borrow first cuz I can't find a place to do my homework. I wanted to borrow that horoscope book I saw last time, but I forgot where I saw it. Sigh. Met Yen Wei (find her face in nostalgia, if you dont know who she is) when we were exiting. She changed a lot. Maybe its because its her hair. She's with another gal, which is actually one of my mom's F1 student. Maybe she's Yen Wei's sis? Or.. friend? haha. To people who have her (Yen Wei) EMail add, please let me know. hehe. Thanks.

Exam is in this week (for me). Sejarah, its not even half way. Its.. quarter way. I havent touch my chinese, KH, English, BM, geografi.. Wow. That's a lot. Sigh. Not going to change my layout for a while. Lazy, plus this comp is getting older than me >.<

Its May already! I just noticed it just now. LoL. Although I write date almost everyday, I havent realized its May already. 4 or 5 more months and its PMR. OMG. One day seems so long, one month seems so FAST!

That Prince of Tennis dream is too true to be a dream =p

My bro and I love playing the singing game. Its not hard. Find a song you and your somebody knows, make him/her sing a part of the song, and you continue! But must be fast, if not the song will seem broken. If you don't understand, find me. LoL. Now we are playing with JJ's No. 89757. Hah. Playing that song on the piano is fun too. Cuz its in minor key, and there's one part is an arpeggio (eg: C, E, G, C), and I always experiment it with other minor key (I play this song in A minor). Since my sis know how to play this song (her hearing is damn good. She never listen to this song before), we compete each other to see who plays the song the fastest, or see who can play a certain key the fastest! Don't understand? Find me. LoL. Aim of this piano game: learn up your minor key arpeggio. LoL.


Summary of these few days

>> Monday, 2 May 2005

I think my comp kena virus, but I can't scan the comp cuz I think the virus just invaded Norton Antivirus >.<>dead meat half-dead meat. I still have time to do my Sejarah project, cuz we're allowed to pass up a few days before exams. I guess. Speaking of exams, its starting on 18th May! Luckily we just need to study Form 1 and 3 Sejarah, everything for Maths and Science. Well Maths will not be a problem to score A, but maybe I gotta practice more on my coordinates, angles amd indices *headache* Science.. I don't know why, but I seems to get a B for my science everytime, although I always talk about Science outside, like vegetative reproduction. LoL. Its a long story anyway. Sejarah.. ah. Nightmare. Gotta study night and day, day and night. I often study last minute.

I think JJ's promo tour is on May too! Sigh. I know I can't go (cuz my mom will say I'm crazy of him and thats why I score BAD). So the only way to get his autograph (if I can) is through a middle-man (or woman) *sobz* But I wanna meet him! In person!! Argh. Must the world be this unfair? Lets think on the bright side. Since I have PMR this year, I know I won't be able to meet him. But, since next year I dont have any IMPORTANT exams (except for Add Maths and Sejarah!), I can meet him! LoL. I mean he comes to Malaysia everytime he released an album. I guess. LoL.

No dreams these days. Oh there's one which is VERY real! Well I'm in the living room, with my mom and my sis watching the TV3 drama. Then its ad! 8TV and TV3 are the same company (If you dont know this you know it now). They are making ad about a new anime on 8TV, and, guess what, Its Prince of Tennis! I was shouting "Prince of Tennis! Hey its Ryoma!" LoL. It is so true till I dont know if its a dream or reality! If you know the truth please tell me! I always get confused with dates and days *blur*

JJ's dance is so hard. And very robotic. I dont believe he used only 3 days to learn it! JJ got the song simply [jian jian dan dan] from his dream! He dreamt that he was playing the guitar. Ooh. Chun-nya.

My di er tian tang = People + music - ( Pollution + Drugs)

Do this math =D


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