>> Monday, 4 April 2005

Finally an update. I'm so sorry for not updating for soo long, cuz the modem is spoiled at Friday (I forgot when). Sigh. And now I'm using my mom's laptop. Its really hard to use it, cuz I seldom use a laptop. LoL. But its a good thing that the modem is spoiled. At least I have time to do my Sejarah and Science nota, since I usually delay it and finish it in Saturday or Sunday. LoL. Lazy bum.

Well my results are really really bad. It is not a result that a Cengalian should get. Sigh. A C for my Sejarah and Science, a B for my Maths and Geography (which is the first time), and an A for my English and Chinese. I got B for my other subjects. I hope my BM can get B too.

JJ's 3rd album is released on the 1st ofApril! And I'm going to get it within April, and within this week, if there is stock in Atria (My mom usually dont let me buy these genuine CDs). Michael Wong (Guang Liang) published a piano book! I think I gonna get it, since I'm so in love with my piano ;)

I think I'm obsessed with DNAngel these days ;)

Oh I've mistaken Hebe's birthday, which is supposed to be in March 30th. Gomen~ Happy belated birthday!

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