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>> Wednesday, 20 April 2005

Whee. The modem is fixed!

Not much to blog about, but I'm in the blogging mood. I'll crap some of my old days.. (I'm not old)

Std 1:
I was the group leader! We (my group) always compete with other groups to see which group was faster in collecting books. We won once (which I remembered). Another gal "took over" my place. Since then I call her "group leader" and she call me back too. I forgot her name. LoL. The guy sit beside me is really fun to chat with. Thanks to Yu Ning which had give me such fun =D One day, for some reason I forgot, I was changed to beside some guy. His words are really small. My class teacher said that he wanna compete with a gal to see who's words are smaller. Haha. Now I dont know where is this Yong Long (Or something).

Std 2:
Forgot everything.

Std 3:
PTS year! No stress at all. In fact I had fun. The guy sitting beside me (he had already move to NZ) always borrow me his xiao xing xing. Actually I just kinda forced him to borrow to me, cuz I like reading these and I never order it. LoL. I'm always the FIRST to read it. Haha. Sorry Weng Kit.

One day teacher asked us who never buy some workbook. Silly me put up my hand, which I'm buying it. And thats the day I got Weng Kit's phone number and call him everytime teacher ask us to copy something from that book. LoL.

Somebody cant get to jump class (PTS) and cry! Kesiannya. BUT, he got into the first class, became the head prefect, and also the model student (something like that) of 'o3! He got 7As for his UPSR too. Go Choong Hern! He's currently in BU4, if you're asking.

Std 5 (I skipped std 4):
Ooh. All jump-classe-rs are in the same class! And I met Choi Min there.

The gal beside me liked a guy (I dunno who is he). The 2 guys at the back of us wanna know who she likes. I bocor out a lil (and its quite obvious), and they were like asking ME who is that guy. Sigh. No names will be reveal.

Std 6:
This year is STRESSFUL. Homework. FIERCE teacher (but good).

Met Yijienn, Cindy, Vi Iyin and Joe Shen that time. But I'm close with Yijienn, Esther (met her in Std 5), Renee (met her in Std 5) and Cindy. Hmm.. what a small gang.

Everyone is passing autograph books that time, before UPSR. Teacher doesnt let us to write it before UPSR, but nobody cares. haha. One day I got 6 autograph books to write! Haha. Lan Xi-nya.

I guess thats all. I've always wanted to write these out, after I read shadowmist's version of this. Hers is jumbled up, and mine is according to age. Its really fun to write though.

Dan Bai Zhi = Ben Dan + Bai Chi + Shen Jing Zhi
Translation: Protein = Stupid + Idiot + Sensitive (I guess)

Saw this equation somehwere on Xue Hai. Its a part of "Internet Language" used in China. Its creative, but I think its quite stupid.

Timothy Lim is real chun! He migrates to UK since 13+. He speaks English, Spanish, French and Italian fluently. He got Grade 8 in violin, piano and theory! He got first in violin and piano contest in UK! Chun-nya. In his school's sports day, he manage to break the school record. AND, 3 famous unis (Stamford, Oxford and Harvard) are "fighting" to get him to get into the Uni! Chun-nya. Einstein isnt his fight. I dont think Einstein knows what is sports. LoL.

Whee~ Long crap. Hope you had fun =)

Hate projects.

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