>> Sunday, 20 March 2005

Happy Birthday to Vivien and Hebe (S.H.E)!

I just hate this holiday! Why must exam be after holidays? Sometimes I wish I'm in Katholik. They had their exams 1st of March. I know its kinda early, but hey, at least we can enjoy in the holidays right? ;p

I'm gonna pass up my art project on Tuesday. I have nothing to draw! This is my first time for nothing to draw. Maybe I'm too stressed out. Sigh. I havent really touch my sejarah yet. Been thinking some craps every time I open up my notes. LoL. Hope I can get at least 65! =(

Finally I got the photo. Actually I got it by copy from Rene's blog and host it myself. LoL.
Members of Blur 6 and the kawaii (aka baby face) Gary
From left: Vi Iyin, Choi Min, Rene, Gary, Zhe Juin, Me and Yen Pin (Click photo for actual size)

The photo in Rene's blog is a bit darker. I editted using Photoshop to make the photo and everyone looks fairer and of course natural. Hmm.. Gary doesnt look that kawaii here. His pose also looks.. weird. No offence. And I look a lot like a Malay >.< I think I made Vi Iyin looks unnatural fair. Sorry. Gary looks like a gal if he doesnt hv any expressions. Maybe he smile for the whole day so that no one wont mistaken him. LoL no offence.

I wont be update more in this 4 days because of exams. And I'll stop here! Bye~!

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