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>> Tuesday, 8 March 2005

Sakura and Syaoran"Oh my god" you would say. Or maybe "Is this the right address?" You definitely come to the CORRECT blog. Why would I use this layout? Cuz I've ruined the layout that I wanna use! Because it uses tables for the pics, and I'm totally confused around those codes. So.. you gonna look at this layout for a moment until I found something that I would put up. Sigh.

Nothing much happen today. We had our injection today. I dunno what is the injection for actually. LoL. When we ha dthe injection, it isnt that pain like BCG. But after a few moment, oh my god. My hand is aching! It was so so pain! Moving my hand is really hard now.

I dont need to play the piano today, cuz my teacher spent 1 hour to mark my papers (3 papers, not 1)and then explain some Grade 6 stuffs. My teacher said Grade 6 is college work. Then.. Grade 7 is Uni work? LoL. Somewhere there I think. And she also said Grade 6 is HARD. Gotta modulate for the composition, and the chords here and there.. Well thats what I saw on Wan Ying's paper. I'm still thinking about it. I just need Grade 5 theory cert to enter Grade 7 exam.

So how do you think of this avatar? I think its extremely beautiful (LoL) except the attention is to Sakura, but not both of 'em. You can say this is my favourite among the avatars I made. In avatar-making craze =D

Oh craps. My theory exam is in this Saturday (as I mentioned before) and I havent read up the terms and instrument things. How am I going to get a distinction for this? Sigh. And school exams is just next next week. I havent study a thing yet. And sejarah project I gotta pass up in May instead of July. Well its actually OK to me, cuz I use about 1 month+ to do finish, but I gotta start NOW. Oh my god. This holiday will be a nightmare to me.

PS dont leave any message on the comment thing! Just read and enjoy~ LoL

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