cross country

>> Friday, 4 March 2005

Cross country is not as torturing as I had in mind. We girls ran to Tadika Grace, which is quite far form DJ. A lotta people stop by ProJET to buy drinks, including us (except Min and Sook Shiang), so we're (me and Rene)kinda far behind. Then we left Zhe Juin and Pin behind. Umm kinda =D When we reached, Sook Shiang, Jamie and Min are there already. They are .. RED! Very red, which I havent seen before in my life. Then I accompany Sook Shiang to 7-Eleven cuz she is hungry and had nothing to eat. My hand is very cold cuz holding 3 Slurpees in my hand. Woo. Cold. After that we had this announce the winner thing. In P2 this indian girl (which i had forget the name) won first. Meng Leong got 2nd (in L2) and Yong Meng got first. Congrats =D

Noticed that avatar? Its my first creation by using MSPaint and Photoshop. I think its just OK. Its kinda confusing making the template design, so I just copied the design from the tutorial =p Oh the credits is to Lovely Designs for the tutorial. You can find some templates for avatar there.

I've found some gorgeous layouts for my layout. Still not sure I'll use which (I save the layouts i like into my comp and then edit it), so .. still gotta wait.

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