Debate competition.

>> Friday, 25 February 2005

The debate finals was held today, as you all know. 3 Cengal vs 3 Balau. The debate was really exciting. The motion is "Homework is a bane (Is it spelled like that?)". Proposition is Cengal, and Opposition is Balau. First speaker of Cengal is Ethan, then followed by Joel and Hwee Ching (cheers for them =D). Balau's speakers is Wei Wern, Juin Yeu (I wonder if its spelled like that) and Kalkena (I think).

Wei Wern's skills arent that good anymore. Kesian. This Juin Yeu guy, well, he moved here and there, so the voice is loud then soft again. haha. Hwee Ching is really really nervous. When it is her turn, she stammers. A LOT. Cant blame also larz. Then Cengal have 3 minutes to umm .. prepare reply speech (or something). Its Joel turn. He was like very emotional, and he even said " .. the stupidity of the school" OMG! I wonder if it will subtract marks or not. Then followed by a l o n g applause. We clap first, like normal, then some one start the applause again, then another person starts another applause again. If you dont understand dont ask me. Its hard to explain =p

Then they will have this let the "people on the floor" to give their views of today motion. Mah Juin Siang (I'm so sorry if I spelled wrong his name) from 5 Jati came out. And, he supports his bro (Juin Yeu)!! Actually its not good to ask people to support certain group, but wont he feel stressful if you cant do finish his homework? Maybe his previous school give little homework, thats why. Then another prefect, 5 Jati came out to support 3 Balau. After that Ph Koh ask Yu Szen to go out and give his view. He just said "I support Cengal" =D haha. Then this Indian prefect, 5 Balau came out to say out his view. Well this guy thinks adequate homework wont harm anyone. Cant blame right =)

Cik Magdalene came out to say something. She said Cengal have more sources comparing to Balau, cuz got this Dato' Hishamuddin's quote or something. She wish to listen more quotes and more replying (something like that), cuz most of 'em give out their points, and less replying. Well Kalkena is a good one. And if you can, dont read according to a paper/note too much. It will subtract more marks.


I thought we were losing. Oh and Kalkena got the Best Speaker. Congrats =) Hwee Ching, Joel, Kalkena and some F4s F5s were participating on the zone debating competition. Congrats again! Hwee Ching cried, but obviously happy tears. And some guys was carrying Joel for a while, you know like what you saw on TV when ppl carrying the winner? Yea like that. haha.

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