>> Friday, 18 February 2005

I just found out that I havea DEEP passion for furry things and things with angel wings and 4 leaf clover. I found out about this when I was browsing through Yen Pin's Mi-Sc. Kept "Wah"-ing and hit the table cuz can't buy those stuff.

I've downloaded SHE's Lian Ren Wei Man, Lee Sheng Jie's Shou Fang Kai and umm .. Winter Sonata's theme song piano version. Used LimeWire to download. I never use Kazaa before, and the website said that it is faster then Kazaa. I think its quite fast too. Maybe I'll upload another song to put in my blog =)

Downloaded one of Anastasia (the cartoon; Disney)'s scores -- Once Upon a December. The song is in minor key, and its really nice ^^ It has melody and this umm .. piano thing. I'm not really an expert in this. The scores have 7 pages (wow), and it looks REALLY difficult. I cant say it has a lot of chords, but it is hard, to play smoothly from page 1 to page 7. Dont think gonna print it so fast. Those songs I borrowed from Wan Ying and Rene havent play nice and to satisfication YET. So .. gotta wait.

I've added a link to Ichigo's, which is a website which have some animes' piano scores. I think its quite cool ^^ Still finding a website which have Jpop, Kpop and chinese piano scores

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