Debate competition.

>> Friday, 25 February 2005

The debate finals was held today, as you all know. 3 Cengal vs 3 Balau. The debate was really exciting. The motion is "Homework is a bane (Is it spelled like that?)". Proposition is Cengal, and Opposition is Balau. First speaker of Cengal is Ethan, then followed by Joel and Hwee Ching (cheers for them =D). Balau's speakers is Wei Wern, Juin Yeu (I wonder if its spelled like that) and Kalkena (I think).

Wei Wern's skills arent that good anymore. Kesian. This Juin Yeu guy, well, he moved here and there, so the voice is loud then soft again. haha. Hwee Ching is really really nervous. When it is her turn, she stammers. A LOT. Cant blame also larz. Then Cengal have 3 minutes to umm .. prepare reply speech (or something). Its Joel turn. He was like very emotional, and he even said " .. the stupidity of the school" OMG! I wonder if it will subtract marks or not. Then followed by a l o n g applause. We clap first, like normal, then some one start the applause again, then another person starts another applause again. If you dont understand dont ask me. Its hard to explain =p

Then they will have this let the "people on the floor" to give their views of today motion. Mah Juin Siang (I'm so sorry if I spelled wrong his name) from 5 Jati came out. And, he supports his bro (Juin Yeu)!! Actually its not good to ask people to support certain group, but wont he feel stressful if you cant do finish his homework? Maybe his previous school give little homework, thats why. Then another prefect, 5 Jati came out to support 3 Balau. After that Ph Koh ask Yu Szen to go out and give his view. He just said "I support Cengal" =D haha. Then this Indian prefect, 5 Balau came out to say out his view. Well this guy thinks adequate homework wont harm anyone. Cant blame right =)

Cik Magdalene came out to say something. She said Cengal have more sources comparing to Balau, cuz got this Dato' Hishamuddin's quote or something. She wish to listen more quotes and more replying (something like that), cuz most of 'em give out their points, and less replying. Well Kalkena is a good one. And if you can, dont read according to a paper/note too much. It will subtract more marks.


I thought we were losing. Oh and Kalkena got the Best Speaker. Congrats =) Hwee Ching, Joel, Kalkena and some F4s F5s were participating on the zone debating competition. Congrats again! Hwee Ching cried, but obviously happy tears. And some guys was carrying Joel for a while, you know like what you saw on TV when ppl carrying the winner? Yea like that. haha.



>> Friday, 18 February 2005

I just found out that I havea DEEP passion for furry things and things with angel wings and 4 leaf clover. I found out about this when I was browsing through Yen Pin's Mi-Sc. Kept "Wah"-ing and hit the table cuz can't buy those stuff.

I've downloaded SHE's Lian Ren Wei Man, Lee Sheng Jie's Shou Fang Kai and umm .. Winter Sonata's theme song piano version. Used LimeWire to download. I never use Kazaa before, and the website said that it is faster then Kazaa. I think its quite fast too. Maybe I'll upload another song to put in my blog =)

Downloaded one of Anastasia (the cartoon; Disney)'s scores -- Once Upon a December. The song is in minor key, and its really nice ^^ It has melody and this umm .. piano thing. I'm not really an expert in this. The scores have 7 pages (wow), and it looks REALLY difficult. I cant say it has a lot of chords, but it is hard, to play smoothly from page 1 to page 7. Dont think gonna print it so fast. Those songs I borrowed from Wan Ying and Rene havent play nice and to satisfication YET. So .. gotta wait.

I've added a link to Ichigo's, which is a website which have some animes' piano scores. I think its quite cool ^^ Still finding a website which have Jpop, Kpop and chinese piano scores


Chinese New Year

>> Sunday, 13 February 2005

Whoa. A long time never update. Oh before I forget,


I went back to my hometown in Kedah at the 2nd day of CNY. haha. This post is going to be a very very loooong one. So if you don't have patience, you are coming to the wrong place =p

CNY Eve~
Just stayed at home to watch TV. Stayed up till 2AM. I think its quite early =p Saw some really pretty firecrackers near my house ^^

1st day of CNY~
Stayed at home too. Watch TV for the whole day. haha. By 5PM, went to Thien Hou Gong. Very crowded. They have some preformances there, but because I wanna go home and watch Oh! Happy Day (Movie; starring Jang Nara and some guy =p), so .. haha. Its really really very nice ^^ stayed up till 1am++

2nd day of CNY~
went to Kedah by 8am. Then went to my grandfather's house first. Quite bored actually ^^" Gamble with some kids (cuz they bet small small mah. haha) Lost everything leh. Luckily 50sen only =p

Went to my 1st uncle's house around 4pm. Met my cousin sis' husband. He's actually shorter then her o.O Well its ok, caz last time one of my teacher told me that if the husband is shorter then the wife, their marriage will be quite happy. haha. dont know true or not. And then met my another cousin sis' husband which just married at Dec 31 2004 =p. He's quite fair, wearing specs. A Veterinarian =p. From Sarawak I think. Cant rememeber. haha. Got A LOT of angpaus ^^ Kept saying "Thank you. Gong Xi Fa Cai" haha.

3rd day of CNY~
Went to my aunt's house. She have some doggiez there. So damn cute ^^ Cant stop looking at them. Is it unpolite to stare at them for too long? =p They are just too cute, though they are mixed ^^ So damn cute!!! Cant stop thinking bout it ^^

Then we went to my 2nd uncle's house. play with my cousins and nephews and niece (I'm not that old). Played Chor Dai D. Kept losing, cause i'm not an expert in this. Then we played pakat version of this, which is you pakat with another person. Won for a few times. haha. Then we drank sparkling juice. drank 3 flavours. there is a blue colour one, which I dont really like it. hehe. Then we played Monkey. Er something like that. Cuz I pricked my hand in the middle when i'm playing, so just play for a short time =p And then we played Da Feng Chui. Kinda fun actually =) Then we played another game. Its a game which my cousin's friend invente it. We called it the Name Game. You give yourself a name (using a topic), then give out cards. Open the cards. If the card you have is the same card another person opens, you must say out his/her name. If you say it wrongly/slower then him/her, that person will take your cards that you have opened or you've won. So damn exciting, and I kept shouting and laughing. haha. There is 1 time, that the topic is "Country". My niece chooses America, while my nephew choose Iraq, and in the end, Iraq won, and America lost. haha. Laugh till my stomach aches. haha. Oh the grown ups went to my aunt's house to have steamboat. we, kids, chose to play at my uncle's house. haha. Ate chocolates too. Cadbury and Fererro Rocher (is it spelled like that?) So damn chun-ted! I hope I still can wear my uniform. And My face is going rounder and rounder. I hate the shape circle >< 4th day of CNY~ Done not much. Played with my cousins. Millionaire, Name Game, and stuff. Watched Bridget Jones' Diary -- The Edge of Reasons. Although its not the type of movie we should watch, but .. its really nice ^^ Went back (KL) at 7pm++ Reached home at 3am++ cuz we went to my grandparent's house again to say goodbye ^^"

Oh well, its gonna be the end of this post. The counter strikes 1001 already when i visited my blog ^^ And, if you noticed, i've changed my layout. Finally. haha. Ok. I really gotta go now. This post is just waaaaaaaaaaay too long =) Buhbye~ Happy CNY once again, and Happy Valentines Day!


Love letter~

>> Tuesday, 1 February 2005

I've add a lil things in my wishlist and the linkages. Notice it yourself =p I added Jay Chou's official website, which is in chinese, unfortunately, and i also added Cassandra's link in it. I just kept forgot to add her link into the linkage. Sorry~

Wan Ying give me to read her love letter. Last year her POL teacher ask them to write actually. Well the teacher commented "Not bad" o.O The content is really quite good. Bear in mind, is not "good for starters". Its really very nice, although it makes my hairs all stand up ><. Iyin actually bullies me! ='( she grab the letter and just run to class!! grr .. the letters she (Wan Ying) wrote yesterday was also quite touching (at least thats what Min Said), and the last sentence spoiled everything ><

BI. For Show and Tell, Pui Cheng brought her family tree she made. It was VERY VERY big. seriously. She said she have 9 great aunts and 4 great uncles i think, if i'm not mistaken. And she had some uncles and aunties which married to a Japanese (cool ^^), Indonesian, Thai and Eurasian. Her parents are cousins. Wow. And she said in this 4 generations, the total is 156 members in it. OMG. She will be so damn rich when it comes to Chinese New Year. *jealous* then we continued our lesson. suddenly, kling klang. We curiously turned our head to the back. Hui Wen was "oh shit"-ing very loud. in front of Pn Koh. One of the glass from the window came down. Lyana and a guy which i dont recognise was just near where the glass came off. Maybe Hui Wen did it? Well i dunno *blur*


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