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>> Thursday, 6 January 2005

hey~ its goin 2 be Saturday after friday! *duh* hehe .. well today was ok, not as bored as the first few days larz

yeap, finally meet my moral teacher -- Pn Sheerin. She looks 30++, but after she accidentally reveal her secret, i think she's 45 n above, cause she has a son in Form 4, dunno what school. She said she normally teaches Form 4 and 5 English, which she accidentally reveal it too. haha~ she talks A LOT, and fast too, but sometimes she stammer. She actually read psychology books! wow .. i thought teachers should be reading some literature or maybe anything xcept comic n psychology books. kinda hard to believe though. i wonder if she can analyze my handwriting. =)

English is Ok. Pn Koh. Before she teach us (especially me which i never taught by her before), i was wondering how she gonna teach her son. But of course, she teaches him just like her larz. She needs us to have Show and Tell! i thought only other countries have it. sobz. luckily, its in alphabetically order, but next wekk is different. its Khei Sze, Aaron, Fardina and Joel. its so not a volunteer! oh and she needs us to write a journal. aihz. i have a blog and a diary (which is for more personal things) adie, and now, a journal?! aihz. i wonder how i'm goin to survive, writing the same thing in 3 different places.

aihz. tomorrow is friday, the first friday in 2005. goin back home early! yay! goin to do my homework .. bye!

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