so damn malang

>> Monday, 17 January 2005

seems i had quite some time never update, so here's the update!

by looking at the title you know how is my day. BAD day. aihz. well i forgot to bring my keys, wallet and bottle. there's no big deal never bring keys, cause i seldom bring. always forget =p my wallet and bottle? hah! my first time! ah~~~~~ never drink a single drop of liquid (except the mashed potato's syrup and my saliva ><) for 5 hours ++ aihz. kesian. hehe.

well as usual, i never do my chinese homework. its normal, but its kinda weird. the karangan that the teacher wants us to write is my biodata. something like writing about yourself. spending 1 ++ days never write finish -.-" cause its hard! teacher wants us to write like a secondary school-ers, which i just can only write like primary school-ers. aihz. so after i went to school, borrowed wan ying's book as a rujukan. her karangan is so damn funny. cant stop laughing. as funny as her leh. but of course, spending a lil from time in every lessons to write finish, and ta da~ its finish! hehe. i wonder why cant i write a chinese karangan.

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