>> Thursday, 27 January 2005

Notice the music carefully. haha. Its a new one. yea i know. again. Guess the music. Its sang by Zhang Shao Han AKA Angela Chang. hehe. Its Ou Ruo La (Aurora)! I've downloaded it quite some time adie, but just cant find a suitable host to host my music. I heard people said you gonna use Angelfire to host music, but i hate having loads of account. Then today i tried to host it using Ripway which i'm using it all along, and it works! hah! so happy ^^ Maybe i'll change the music again in a month or two. =p

Not much happened today. Had our first Seni lesson. Teacher is Pn Cik Wong. Well we learned Garisan again and its the same art work we do in From 1 n 2. aihz. so troublesome.

For Show and Tell in English, its Wan Ying and Aliff's turn. Wan Ying kept disturbing me of what to do for Show n Tell. aihz. But it came out quite good. She introduce -- or to say the truth, advertising the two books, that is Chicken Soup for the Kids Soul and Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul III. haha. In the last part she said "If you want an English version of the books, you can get it from Popular bookstores" haha. Koh just said she needs to be more louder o.O Aliff showed us his personal favourite golfball. he said all golfballs are 46g, and the diameter i forgot =p

I wonder what will i bring for Show and Tell -.-"

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