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>> Wednesday, 26 January 2005

Finally, an update due to somebody's request. juz joking. just feeling to blog, since there's a lil things happened today ^^

I heard this song from the radio yesterday -- Winter Diary from Jang Nara. I hope its right. this song is so damn nice! its a lil like christmas song, but it heard so sad. although i dont know what is it singing about =p i'm trying to download it ^^

hmm .. not much happened today. i just know that i've dreamt something but i just cant remember >< then Iyin told me her dream. she said she got Wilber Pan's autograoh, and then i go and kidnap Wilber, or maybe take him away. aihz. kesian Iyin. I dun want Wilber!! I want JJ!! hehe.

Today POL teacher never come. waste about 35 minutes in Balau. iish. bored there. should just go back to class myself -.-"

Well for KH we learned Reka Cipta. Teacher wants us to form a group, and think of a thing. just using imagination. Our group got Choi Min, Wan Ying, Emily and me (duh) We think of a lotta things, like a flying broom with small plasma tv, astro n DVD player (haha), and em .. ah a money printer! there's more, but i forgot. laughed too much. then we decided to make a 5 in 1 stationary set, which is totally weird. Or to say the truth, its ugly. it got sharpener, highlighter, roller AKA correction tape, eraser and a mirror, which suggested by Choi Min. She actually also wanna put a comb too, but then she dont want. haha. WILD imaginations. Khei Sze's group think of a magazine filer, which you can put magazines in it. she even said "get it while stock last" haha. Oh Hwee Ching's group think of a lighted slippers. haha. its cool =)

Went for Kesatria meeting today. Zhe Juin is late. hah! for the first time she's late for activity. we are having lots of hard time there, especially Yen Pin, since she never came last week, and she missed the steps for the cheers. kesian. Oh Yen Pin told me that she dreamt a person (which she said is a sakkai. not sure) was chasing me. OMG. i'm so popular. =p

Still finding a new skin for my blog. I normally download all the layouts i like, and i just delete it when i dont like it. hehe. quite troublesome, but its easier for me to choose. i'm too undecisive. aihz.

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