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>> Wednesday, 12 January 2005

Today was Ok. got PMD before recess. the first activity is to stick a paper on the back and ask ppl to write something good bout you. well i got 12 ^^ Fardina got more then 15 o.O cool!

2nd activity is find ppl from your birth month and form a group. i joined October. hehe. cause i'm the only september in class i think. well some ppl cheated. they say they are in another month, while they go to the month that they're not born in. haha.

3rd activity is doing the psychology test. its to know what type of job you can do. well i got artistic ^^ i played before this type of quiz, so nothing to be excited.

recess. i'm so damn squeeze, cause we're having recess with the from 4s and 5s. aihz. kesian. after that class starts. well Sj was ok. then its Kh. i felt like wanna sleep, cause its boring. aihz. well the guyz come back at the 2nd period of Kh, said that the teacher chase them away. haha. then Chern Jie and Ser Siang go out from the class. something like ponteng. then guess what, kena Siva leh. Siva bring them to the office. after a while, they came back. Chern Jie said that Siva's rotan is not very pain, of course, the bony Ser Siang said it was pain. Pn Yong (my kH teacher) said that if someone was standing at the back or outside the class and Siva saw it, he will rotan too o.O i think rotan-ing ppl is his hobby. i definitely like Merah better.

Went for Kesatria meetng. it was torturing. first we had warm up. then run around the field. Of course, the teacher ask some gals to join the cheerleading. aihz. so me, Yen Pin and Zhe Juin and other ppl joined lorz. after that we run near the school. aihz. i'm tired. then we were like umm .. practicing to shout. yea. shout. you need to shout with your stomach for deep voice. thats why the cheerleader's voice are deep. impressed ^^

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