Happy New Year!

>> Saturday, 1 January 2005

Happy New Year! Whoo hoo! hah~ nothing to 'whoo-hoo-ing' about. tsunami still havent went down. aihz. one five seconds silent for the victims of the tsunami. *silent......* ok. 5 seconds are over =p

its 1st January 2004 2005. i wont be so used to writing 2005. need time to change. i'll be in 3 Cengal this year, which i mentioned at the last post. hope i can get along with those people which needs to be my classmate =).

go no where today. just sit in front of the tv, watching tv *duh*, cause my dad is sick. aihz. BORED. do nothing besides go online, watch tv, n some basic human must-do things, like eat, breathe ....... *duh*. well, there goes the end of this post! Happy New Year~

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