2nd day of school

>> Tuesday, 4 January 2005

hi .. 2nd day of school. yeap, it so boring. before recess pn kok came in to write the PMR form thingy. some people (mostly guys) write wrong the iC, cuz no need to write dash, but they write. i wonder why they dont count the boxes. BORED. Wan Ying which sits beside me is reading the Sejarah textbook, cuz shes bored. she said its nice, just like a story book. haha. well i just flick the books, and saw a japanese lesson! haha. in the 1st chapter where they teach us about where the japanese conquer Malaya. heh.

just had our VERY FIRST lesson. bM. teacher is Pn Nora. well shes quite good, not as moody as norhayati. heh. well we have sastera. panas salju. sad story. well kinda.

tomorrow got kH. aihz. no kH textbook, cuz everytime i go n buy no stock. aihz. hope the teacher wont scold or just watever, since its our 1st kH lesson. heh. i'm naughty.

Wan Ying told me some things bout Sims 2. it looks heard fun! its quite realistic actually. i wanna borrow the cd to install it, but scared go spotcheck. aihz. i just wonder why cannot bring cd. its no harm right. no comp to play @ school, no bla bla player, how to use? aihz. school is really weird.

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