>> Monday, 31 January 2005

Lalala~ another update ^^

Today got this Anti-Dadah thing. Well some class have too present their posters and say something about drug. Ours in Form 3 is the biggest. Thanks to Pui Cheng ^^ Ethan give the speech. In class he's so .. crazy, and on stage he's .. *sigh* Some of the F4s and F5s rap. cool! The guys stay in the hall after Negaraku. Spotcheck again?? wow. kesian. Maybe the next week is gals. Spotcheck is very often in morning session i think. *sigh*

Bought an Angel Bear for Choi Min, since its her birthday and i got her nothing. Of course, the sender's name is not my name, is Joe Zheng. Is it spelled like this? yeap, since i dont wanna reveal my name. haha. that's me. oh JJ send me one too. Its obviously someone i know. haha. Good in discovering secrets. One of my talents. Hey wait, this is the only talent i have!! Ah wtv =p



>> Thursday, 27 January 2005

Notice the music carefully. haha. Its a new one. yea i know. again. Guess the music. Its sang by Zhang Shao Han AKA Angela Chang. hehe. Its Ou Ruo La (Aurora)! I've downloaded it quite some time adie, but just cant find a suitable host to host my music. I heard people said you gonna use Angelfire to host music, but i hate having loads of account. Then today i tried to host it using Ripway which i'm using it all along, and it works! hah! so happy ^^ Maybe i'll change the music again in a month or two. =p

Not much happened today. Had our first Seni lesson. Teacher is Pn Cik Wong. Well we learned Garisan again and its the same art work we do in From 1 n 2. aihz. so troublesome.

For Show and Tell in English, its Wan Ying and Aliff's turn. Wan Ying kept disturbing me of what to do for Show n Tell. aihz. But it came out quite good. She introduce -- or to say the truth, advertising the two books, that is Chicken Soup for the Kids Soul and Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul III. haha. In the last part she said "If you want an English version of the books, you can get it from Popular bookstores" haha. Koh just said she needs to be more louder o.O Aliff showed us his personal favourite golfball. he said all golfballs are 46g, and the diameter i forgot =p

I wonder what will i bring for Show and Tell -.-"


Its a long one

>> Wednesday, 26 January 2005

Finally, an update due to somebody's request. juz joking. just feeling to blog, since there's a lil things happened today ^^

I heard this song from the radio yesterday -- Winter Diary from Jang Nara. I hope its right. this song is so damn nice! its a lil like christmas song, but it heard so sad. although i dont know what is it singing about =p i'm trying to download it ^^

hmm .. not much happened today. i just know that i've dreamt something but i just cant remember >< then Iyin told me her dream. she said she got Wilber Pan's autograoh, and then i go and kidnap Wilber, or maybe take him away. aihz. kesian Iyin. I dun want Wilber!! I want JJ!! hehe.

Today POL teacher never come. waste about 35 minutes in Balau. iish. bored there. should just go back to class myself -.-"

Well for KH we learned Reka Cipta. Teacher wants us to form a group, and think of a thing. just using imagination. Our group got Choi Min, Wan Ying, Emily and me (duh) We think of a lotta things, like a flying broom with small plasma tv, astro n DVD player (haha), and em .. ah a money printer! there's more, but i forgot. laughed too much. then we decided to make a 5 in 1 stationary set, which is totally weird. Or to say the truth, its ugly. it got sharpener, highlighter, roller AKA correction tape, eraser and a mirror, which suggested by Choi Min. She actually also wanna put a comb too, but then she dont want. haha. WILD imaginations. Khei Sze's group think of a magazine filer, which you can put magazines in it. she even said "get it while stock last" haha. Oh Hwee Ching's group think of a lighted slippers. haha. its cool =)

Went for Kesatria meeting today. Zhe Juin is late. hah! for the first time she's late for activity. we are having lots of hard time there, especially Yen Pin, since she never came last week, and she missed the steps for the cheers. kesian. Oh Yen Pin told me that she dreamt a person (which she said is a sakkai. not sure) was chasing me. OMG. i'm so popular. =p

Still finding a new skin for my blog. I normally download all the layouts i like, and i just delete it when i dont like it. hehe. quite troublesome, but its easier for me to choose. i'm too undecisive. aihz.


so damn malang

>> Monday, 17 January 2005

seems i had quite some time never update, so here's the update!

by looking at the title you know how is my day. BAD day. aihz. well i forgot to bring my keys, wallet and bottle. there's no big deal never bring keys, cause i seldom bring. always forget =p my wallet and bottle? hah! my first time! ah~~~~~ never drink a single drop of liquid (except the mashed potato's syrup and my saliva ><) for 5 hours ++ aihz. kesian. hehe.

well as usual, i never do my chinese homework. its normal, but its kinda weird. the karangan that the teacher wants us to write is my biodata. something like writing about yourself. spending 1 ++ days never write finish -.-" cause its hard! teacher wants us to write like a secondary school-ers, which i just can only write like primary school-ers. aihz. so after i went to school, borrowed wan ying's book as a rujukan. her karangan is so damn funny. cant stop laughing. as funny as her leh. but of course, spending a lil from time in every lessons to write finish, and ta da~ its finish! hehe. i wonder why cant i write a chinese karangan.


I'll be a sardine fish

>> Wednesday, 12 January 2005

Today was Ok. got PMD before recess. the first activity is to stick a paper on the back and ask ppl to write something good bout you. well i got 12 ^^ Fardina got more then 15 o.O cool!

2nd activity is find ppl from your birth month and form a group. i joined October. hehe. cause i'm the only september in class i think. well some ppl cheated. they say they are in another month, while they go to the month that they're not born in. haha.

3rd activity is doing the psychology test. its to know what type of job you can do. well i got artistic ^^ i played before this type of quiz, so nothing to be excited.

recess. i'm so damn squeeze, cause we're having recess with the from 4s and 5s. aihz. kesian. after that class starts. well Sj was ok. then its Kh. i felt like wanna sleep, cause its boring. aihz. well the guyz come back at the 2nd period of Kh, said that the teacher chase them away. haha. then Chern Jie and Ser Siang go out from the class. something like ponteng. then guess what, kena Siva leh. Siva bring them to the office. after a while, they came back. Chern Jie said that Siva's rotan is not very pain, of course, the bony Ser Siang said it was pain. Pn Yong (my kH teacher) said that if someone was standing at the back or outside the class and Siva saw it, he will rotan too o.O i think rotan-ing ppl is his hobby. i definitely like Merah better.

Went for Kesatria meetng. it was torturing. first we had warm up. then run around the field. Of course, the teacher ask some gals to join the cheerleading. aihz. so me, Yen Pin and Zhe Juin and other ppl joined lorz. after that we run near the school. aihz. i'm tired. then we were like umm .. practicing to shout. yea. shout. you need to shout with your stomach for deep voice. thats why the cheerleader's voice are deep. impressed ^^


I'm alive

>> Tuesday, 11 January 2005

I survived.

Well today was ok. retirement of Pn Lee Suat Mai, izzit? well she doesnt looks ols, maybe just 40++ hehe. its a compliment. the programme in the majlis was just singing and playing piano and speeches. i wonder why they don't wanna make it like Pn Chan's. we can see her photos when she were young. hehe.

We had PMD after recess. its B O R I N G. of course, nobody listened to the teacher. its considered normal. i wonder why my class won't be noisy when teacher's not in, and it's kinda noisy when teacher is in. weird.



>> Monday, 10 January 2005

Today was more boring then the 1st day of school. PMD. aihz. I wonder who created this stuff. but never mind larz, no need to study ^^

Well, there's an act which divided into two. the first one is the students are noisy and like bad students. the 2nd one is being good students. they are quite cooperative at the bad students part, the good students are kinda hard to act, cause we noramlly are not good nor bad students mah .. hehe~ and Khei Sze said need to bring beads tomorrow. wth?! where are we goin to buy? i know we can buy @ sewing shop, but i have no time larz. aihz.

tomorrow still got PMD. hope i survive.


Weird Teachers

>> Thursday, 6 January 2005

hey~ its goin 2 be Saturday after friday! *duh* hehe .. well today was ok, not as bored as the first few days larz

yeap, finally meet my moral teacher -- Pn Sheerin. She looks 30++, but after she accidentally reveal her secret, i think she's 45 n above, cause she has a son in Form 4, dunno what school. She said she normally teaches Form 4 and 5 English, which she accidentally reveal it too. haha~ she talks A LOT, and fast too, but sometimes she stammer. She actually read psychology books! wow .. i thought teachers should be reading some literature or maybe anything xcept comic n psychology books. kinda hard to believe though. i wonder if she can analyze my handwriting. =)

English is Ok. Pn Koh. Before she teach us (especially me which i never taught by her before), i was wondering how she gonna teach her son. But of course, she teaches him just like her larz. She needs us to have Show and Tell! i thought only other countries have it. sobz. luckily, its in alphabetically order, but next wekk is different. its Khei Sze, Aaron, Fardina and Joel. its so not a volunteer! oh and she needs us to write a journal. aihz. i have a blog and a diary (which is for more personal things) adie, and now, a journal?! aihz. i wonder how i'm goin to survive, writing the same thing in 3 different places.

aihz. tomorrow is friday, the first friday in 2005. goin back home early! yay! goin to do my homework .. bye!


bully boy boy ..

>> Wednesday, 5 January 2005

3rd day of school. well its not as boring as yesterday. at least i studied a lil.

well talked to khei sze today, cuz bored. well shes funny. i was laughing like siao po everytime she talks. i cant stop laughing. aihz. well we hv our first sejarah lessons. teacher is Pn Normah. i think she just transferred here, cause i cant find her face in da last year's nostalgia =p it was ok, but she talk too fast. cant follow. aihz.

Encik abdul rahman (i think) n pn lee ( i think) is leaving the school tomorrow! i wonder why. well we must buy presents for them. weird leh. we were forced (well kinda), so theres no eumm .. feeling in this present. actualy is so NOT GOOD. well i think =p

yay~ the keyboard is finally ok! cuz yesterday there's some symbols n numbers cant write type. oh below is one of my results i done in quizilla. have a look! and have a nice day.

You're Sensitive and you'd like to stay that way..
You're sensitive, and you'd like to stay that way. Sorry,listened to a bit too much Jewel there. You're sweet and very emotionally charged. You definitely love the person you're with, and always want to know how they're feeling so you can make sure they're happy.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?


2nd day of school

>> Tuesday, 4 January 2005

hi .. 2nd day of school. yeap, it so boring. before recess pn kok came in to write the PMR form thingy. some people (mostly guys) write wrong the iC, cuz no need to write dash, but they write. i wonder why they dont count the boxes. BORED. Wan Ying which sits beside me is reading the Sejarah textbook, cuz shes bored. she said its nice, just like a story book. haha. well i just flick the books, and saw a japanese lesson! haha. in the 1st chapter where they teach us about where the japanese conquer Malaya. heh.

just had our VERY FIRST lesson. bM. teacher is Pn Nora. well shes quite good, not as moody as norhayati. heh. well we have sastera. panas salju. sad story. well kinda.

tomorrow got kH. aihz. no kH textbook, cuz everytime i go n buy no stock. aihz. hope the teacher wont scold or just watever, since its our 1st kH lesson. heh. i'm naughty.

Wan Ying told me some things bout Sims 2. it looks heard fun! its quite realistic actually. i wanna borrow the cd to install it, but scared go spotcheck. aihz. i just wonder why cannot bring cd. its no harm right. no comp to play @ school, no bla bla player, how to use? aihz. school is really weird.


1st day of school

>> Monday, 3 January 2005

this is the first day morning session. i woke up at 6.30am, then prepare for school. i never hv my breakfast, so i'm very hungry -_-'' after i reach to school, i say A LOTTA ppl are there. form 3s, 4s n 5s. wow. i saw rene n iyin n charis n other ppl there. we were talking bout the changes between us. well its what all ppl does when they meet their friends when school reopens, right? then we go 2 the hall. sit there for about .. 1 hour? well something like that. then all form 3s go to da pavillion for some taklimat i think. so damn lot. they keep saying the same thing. my mom is better then them =) after that we go to the canteen straight away cuz it recess. wow. cant believe i never even touch a chair in school. lolz.

after that we went to our class. we, 2 3 Cengal, was walking around blok B n C i think just to find our class. the school should actually put the correct class name on the class. aihz. after walking for about 20 minutes (i think), we finally find our class. its in 2nd floor. so bad larz. 3rd floor its better. can see more views. aihz. well me, choi min n wan ying actually wanna sit at the 3-person's place, but its all taken, and we dun wanna sit at the front, so we sit separated. i sit with wan ying n choi min sit with puicheng. kinda sad huh. of course, our form teacher, that is Pn Ng YC is absent, so Pn Kok come n take over her (or wtv) for a few days. oh our pengerusi is khei sze, naib is kar may, setiausaha is joel (dunno who is him), bendahari is yin mun n the AJK kebersihan n keceriaan is chern jie i think. most of them were suggested by ser siang. i wonder why dont he be the speaker of this class. lolz. i think our class is becaming into Jati+Belian. most of ems are from jati n belian. aihz. the others were like newbie, including me.

well my teachers are weird. my geography teacher, pn yip, is kinda strict, but just a lil fierce. my bI teacher is pn koh that just came to morning session. of, course, no class, so me n choi min are wondering what the others are doing that time. pin is soooooo kesian. she's alone in our gang in other class. kesian. well, iyin is chatting with pei fang n shi ching, n rene maybe was talking to charis n zhe juin. this is all our imagination only. khei sze vomit!! but only water larz. maybe she never eat n have gastric? hmm .. well and then hui wen teman her to toilet. after that she come back n then bla bla bla. hehe better not tell. afterthe bell rang, i went out to wait for my transporter to fetch me home. manatau she come at 2 pm! OMG! i'm so damn hungry larz that time, drinking water so that not so hungry. aihz. if i got gastric i sue her larz! but wont hv gastric larz. hehe~


Happy New Year!

>> Saturday, 1 January 2005

Happy New Year! Whoo hoo! hah~ nothing to 'whoo-hoo-ing' about. tsunami still havent went down. aihz. one five seconds silent for the victims of the tsunami. *silent......* ok. 5 seconds are over =p

its 1st January 2004 2005. i wont be so used to writing 2005. need time to change. i'll be in 3 Cengal this year, which i mentioned at the last post. hope i can get along with those people which needs to be my classmate =).

go no where today. just sit in front of the tv, watching tv *duh*, cause my dad is sick. aihz. BORED. do nothing besides go online, watch tv, n some basic human must-do things, like eat, breathe ....... *duh*. well, there goes the end of this post! Happy New Year~


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