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>> Friday, 31 December 2004

hi~ long short time no see! heh~

went to school to check out which class will i go+buy books. i met Zoe Liew there. She said she's goin to 2 Batai. Congrats! She said Fardhina dropped to 3 Cengal, which i don't expect. She stay at Balau for 2 years! aihz .. kesian. i decide to buy my books baru check the classes, cause i scared i forgotten, need to remember quite some ppl's classes mah. well, i went to 3 Cengal with Choi Min, Yen Pin n Hui Lynn went to Jati, Vi Iyin stay at Kempas, and Charis & Rene went Keruing. i forgot to check Zhe Juin's =p. so sad that Rene and Charis went to Keruing. They work hard, and they are good gal, they doesn't deserve to go to Keruing! *grr* i just wonder who thought of this random idea *sigh*

So fast, its New Years Eve already, 2004 is gonna end at this 12 am. goodbye '04, and hi, '05 =). come to think of it, i cant even imagine i'm gonna be in form 3! cause in my imagination, form 3s should be tall, pretty (optional) and mature, and i'm all opposite. aihz. time flies, really quickly, maybe faster then u blink your eye? hah!

yeap, changed my layout. pretty isn't it? well i think so =) i think its a CG, found from Moon-Wave. i love this layout, for no reasons. well people said that loving/liking something has no reasons. heh. cant find a new song especially mp3 to put on my blog, so i put another song! its futatabi (which means once more or again) from Spirited Away =)

hah. its a long post. well gotta stop here. have a great year starting tomorrow! happy new year~

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