>> Wednesday, 29 December 2004

hey~ i'm here again. went to Fajar today for my bag n my school shoes n my pinafore =) well bought a blue bag to fit my blue pencil case =D maybe next year i'll try a white package =) the pinafore's cutting there is not nice, that's what my mom said, plus i looks B A d when i tried.

i wanna change my blog name (yea, AGAIN). well i think this will be permanent. my current blog name is 2 long. hehe~ so .. anyone who agrees or just ok-ok pls tell me! i dun wanna ermm .. ask everyone to change it again =) the blog name i'm thinkin of is in japanese. i think for quite some time =)

ok. tomorrow i need to wake up early to follow my mom go buy pinafore, then @ evening/afternoon i'll go 2 school to check out me n my fren's classes! hah! i know i'm a busybody =) n buy my exercise books. oh shit. i found the naib pengerusi batch in my pencil case! ah~~~~~~~~~~ hmm .. maybe i'll return it well school reopens =) and Happy New Year peepz!

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