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>> Saturday, 4 December 2004

hey .. another post!! haha~

i hv da weirdest dream (i think) 2day .. dreamt of pin, chuu khai, pin's bro, syakira n er .. me n zhe juin .. location? in da skool's canteen .. its recess, n u know we go 2 da canteen .. there's a REALLY REALLY big table, putting lotsa food .. and on da food there's a paper or sth writing da class .. a lotta ppl fighting 4 food .. haha~ n then i came 2 2 kempas' food .. there's pizza (yum ..), onion egg (omelette larz) n er .. garlic bread .. hee~ when i wanna take some onion egg, syakira also took da same one that i wanna take (coincidence??) .. then i give it 2 her .. n i take another one .. haha~ n then i meet pin, zhe juin n chuu khai .. well we sit on a loooooong chair .. n then we chat lorz .. chuu khai juz sit bside eating .. then pin said that the way i teach her 2 fold her socks bcame short (u know a lotta ppl's spcks r short) is no use .. she said she used 30 mins to do this (wow) .. actually she complain 2 zhe juin n i heard it larz .. she said she want da socks to be as short as her bro's .. then her bro walk by .. his role in my dream is a model .. n i saw his shoes .. nice!! actually its gal's shoes, a lil of sport shoes, n a lil like boots .. i like those =) .. n da socks are kinda .. long .. then pin went away .. then i ask Chuu Khai sth .. i 4got adie .. but she nv answer *sobz* .. n syakira were sitting on da chair too .. i wonder why ppl that r not reli close 2 me is in my dream .. n da ones who know me quite well (like rene =D) seldom appears in my dream .. yea i dreamt b4 rene .. but i 4got wat it is adie =) .. now i hvent dreamt min .. i wonder why ..

well i continue read dat book bout da benefits being a vegetarian .. it said that u can lose your wood effctively n u can remain ur weight for at least 7 years!! wow .. n of course, veggies hv no fats (i think) n low calories, so that u can lots of dessert w/o worrying 2 gain weight!! wow wow .. maybe i'll be a vegetarian .. cuz i dun reli like chicken .. xcept burgers, western food, fast food =p

i found this really really really REALLY great webbie!! its in da linkages section on my blog .. well ok click here!! they hv some cool layouts for blogs, cool avatars, cool wallpapers n cool pics!! oh its a anime site =p ifound it on rene's page on da credits section .. cuz i'm darn bored n i came 2 rene's blog, n i'm finding some webbie 2 surf .. =) enjoy!

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