>> Sunday, 7 November 2004

i went to Atria .. cuz its the nearest place that we can window-shoppng .. went with my mom, my bro and my sis .. bought nth, cuz its window-shopping mah .. we just hv lunch in kFc .. =)

bout da kempas thingy i suggested before, i started, but some dunno how 2 write .. aihz .. i should hv more frens, like rene =D .. wrote bout 8 person adie .. still cant figure out what should write bout me .. aihz .. any suggestions??

Zhe Juin phoned me 2 chat .. she said she nv went to the SHE's concert .. oh kesian .. she siad her uncle got the tix for the concert, Rm 50, in da first row!! n she bought the tix 2 watch shark tale with her cousin .. aiyoh why she let go this perfect chance?? if i were her, i will go to SHE's concert n shout n hv fun .. =) aihz .. Zhe Juin need 2 wait for maybe 2 years or more for SHE to held their another concert in msia .. aihz .. kesian kesian =D finally she bought for me Jay Chou's and JS's cds!! actually she help me 2 buy .. she said cant find Nic Teo's cd .. oh well nvm .. i wonder when i can hv my cds .. =D

after that my cousin sis came .. she bought for us choc ice-cream!! yum .. i think i need to work on my body, since i'm easy 2 fat, hard 2 thin .. =pthen we went to the pasar malam .. cuz just now rain, so dunno got cd stalls or not .. but just incase, i brought RM15 .. yeap they are reli hardworking .. still got some stalls .. bought Stef Sun and Joi (i think)'s cds .. i just dunno why i choose Stef Sun's and Joi's cd .. aihz .. that guy who sells cds suggest me to buy Jaycee and 5566's cds .. haha 5566 i dun think i will buy .. Jaycee's wan leh .. still thinkin bout it .. aihz .. i think i should buy .. regret .. maybe i ask Zhe Juin to help me buy .. aihz i reli broke .. =D

Pei Fang called me to tell me bout the class party .. go 1U .. but dun think can go larz .. plus pn lee is there, make me dun wanna go .. =p no offense larz but kinda weird if an adult that is not reli close with us is following us .. hehe~ sorry .. =p pei fang said that i can go to cengal .. wow .. my form 1 wish .. =D she said this is just temporary .. phew .. cuz hvent prepared, if i hv 2 go 2 better class .. =D she said da average that is 76 n above can go 2 cengal .. wow .. i cant believe it .. now i dun believe my average .. hehe~ and she also said that a lotta belian guyz drop to cengal .. hmm .. maybe pin n charis should follow me .. =p juz kd ..

everyday i sleep with horror .. cuz i read da ghost novel i borrowed from iYiN n it is reli scary .. just read Part 1 then stop adie .. i think da ending is that a director wanna act a movie .. and yada yada .. not quite sure .. =p after i went up to bed, i dun dare open my eyes, or move .. cuz i scared when i open my eyes, i will saw some pairs of eyes are staring at me .. and when i move i scared that there's a thorn or knife or wtv sharp are on my bed .. well and there is one part in da story said that when the mom is sleeping, some red liquid came down from the ceiling .. thats why i'm afraid of .. aihz .. n also another part .. a gal in the story, Kate (i 4got the name) is bathing .. when she bath till half way, some green slimy thing came out from the tap .. eew .. thats why i bath quite quick these days .. =p .. aiyah better dun talk bout it .. after u guyz report 2 da police said that i child abuse or wtv .. =p

wow these days wrote some long posts .. maybe i should stop .. =) well guyz thx for readin .. hv a nice day .. bUhbWAiZ

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