This entry must not be named .. lOl

>> Wednesday, 24 November 2004

Yeap .. finally i cut my hair!! yeah~ its thinner n shorter .. i think its 2 long .. n of cuz, my hair is too thick .. =) when i put down my hair, i still look like a lion, but is better then last time .. last time the lions thought i'm long lost relative .. =p

done nothing actually .. juz wandering around .. finding sth to do .. now goin on9 also bored .. i cant chat .. cuz i feel no privacy, plus i just got 2 comps, n da one upstairs cant go on9 n da mouse is spoil, so seldom chat .. aihz .. n i cant go on9 too much .. cuz my mom pay A LOT .. n she said if the number increase, she will maybe cancel this TMnet thing .. dun think she will do that .. =p but need 2 be careful larz .. aihz ..

still finding sth for my XMas list .. i cant decide what 2 put .. cuz wat i want no one can buy for me .. n my wishes r all 2 big .. like go around da world .. i hv that wish since when i was so small, when i watched some travelling show .. seeing the views r sooooooooooo breathtaking .. =) oh n maybe some of them i can afford .. but my mom wont let .. sobz .. still waiting for Chinese New Year .. my fave holidays .. money n fun came together!! =D i'm money-conscious ..



>> Friday, 19 November 2004

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my days in kEdah

>> Tuesday, 16 November 2004

i'm back!! oh how i miss my comp, my tv, my bed .. =) oh i'm back from kEdah .. to enjoy my cousin's wedding dinner =D .. stayed there for er .. 5 days 4 nights .. =D cuz i'm reli reli boring, i'll tell u what happened in these 5 days!! i'm kind .. =p

1st day -- went to da pasar tani near my house .. bought 3 shirts .. 1 black 1 white n 1 yellow .. n a white skirt .. da white shirt at da back upper half in strings .. omg .. but bcuz of need 2 suit da white dress, just need 2 wear lorz .. =D ..

2nd day -- went to pasar tani near my aunt's house .. bought a bracelet .. silver n black .. =D i tink it cost RM5 .. =p .. then went to my 1st uncle's house n tidy da couple's room .. hehe~ cuz nth to do .. oh n saw a guy which i never saw before .. he is my nephew =D .. quite cute .. hehe~ brown hair .. n er upside down triangle face .. =p n i tink its single eye lid .. I THINK .. a s'porean .. finally met my 4th uncle .. came back from UK .. he's stayin in msia .. oh and then i watched tv .. watched Shark Tale n Taxi .. hvent watch finish all of em .. Taxi is boring .. aihz .. n Shark Tale is just ok .. seriously .. =p then its da dinner!! yay!! da bride is soooo pretty!! i think thats why ppl said that a girl's most beautiful moment is when she wears a wedding dress or wtv .. =p and da bridegroom is ok lorz .. he is shorter then da bride .. maybe bcuz of da bride's high heels shoes .. =p i like my twins cousin, Aimee n Charlotte's shirt!! Aimee's shirt is black with silver angel words n red wings at the side .. so damn nice .. n Charlotte's shirt is white with a pink heart in da middle .. n love words behind da heart .. so damn nice!! i like their necklaces too .. =D .. the dessert is ice cream .. got weird flavas .. got cempedak, durian n other flavas that i 4got .. hehe~ i ate all da flavas adie .. da durian is da nicest =D then we went back to my 1st uncle's house .. they are hving da ceremony .. dunno what larz ..very boring .. hehe~

3rd day -- erm .. kinda forgot anything happened .. hmm .. went to my 1st uncle's house again .. we went up to da room to see da bride .. well u know some chinese shows the bride n their frens are locked in da room, n da bridegroom n frens are outside da room, n must do everything what the bride ask?? yeap i'm in dat situation .. =D .. da first is to sing da bride's fav song .. correct lorz .. then er .. say a poem .. also ok lorz .. and then da last one is to give money .. they just give RM6 .. o.O .. bride's fren said that da bride just cost only RM6 .. haha~ and then they juz dun wanna open da door .. we are stuck in da room for quite some time .. then my 1st uncle came up to ask them open the door .. but they dun want .. aihz .. then dunno how da bridegroom just bang open da door .. i was standing at the back of the door leh .. phew luckily i ran away fast .. haha~ then we all went down .. the couple need to serve tea or wtv to da married ones .. n da married one need to give angpau .. i took a lotta photos .. haha~ then i borrowed my cousin, Aimee's book .. the title is Old Magic, Author Marilyn sth .. i 4got .. its about magic larz .. a guy, Jarrod likes a girl Kate .. n Kate likes him also larz .. both of them hv powers .. Kate juz hv a lil .. Jarrod is powerful .. he can manipulate da weather .. chun right .. well theres a curse that said that in a family that born 7 or more sons will be cursed .. the son will be clumsy n all sorts of bad luck will come .. Jarrod is da 7th son .. the other 6 die .. kesian .. to remove da curse, jarrod hv to go back in time to kill da sorcerer who create this curse .. suspense .. this book is chun-ted .. da best book i've ever read .. better then harry potter .. sorry HP fans .. =D oh n i met a gal .. my cousin larz .. so damn pretty .. i like her nose .. kinda sharp .. looks like a english's nose but also looks Asian .. =p

4th day -- its my 2nd uncle's bday .. he bought a 5 layers cake which cost RM600 .. 1st layer is vanilla, then yam, pandan, choc n coffee .. vanilla n coffee is da nicest .. =D i tried all flavas .. the pandan, choc n coffee i share with Aimee n Charlotte .. haha~ we are greedy .. then we went upstairs to watch movies .. Aimee n Charlotte bought 8 dVds .. 1 cost RM8 there .. cheaper then kL .. their mom give them RM100 to let them shop their own .. so nice .. they are reli reli rich .. i dunno where they shop larz .. we watched The Incredibles n White Chicks .. we laugh like hell .. haha~ esp White Chicks .. The Incredibles is definitely better then Shark Tale .. =D very funny .. =) then my 2nd uncle gave us angpau .. so damn generous .. RM40 leh .. imagine so damn lot ppl hvent married .. =p then he invite us to hv dinner in a restaurant near the house .. wow i wonder how much he spend in his bday ..hehe~ i read finish da book adie .. =)

5th day -- gotta go back home .. aihz .. we went to Bukit Kayu Hitam .. near Thailand .. we went to da duty free complex .. a lotta brand that i dunno .. hehe~ then we went back lorz .. reach home at 11++ late huh .. then i watch AEC music station .. its a repeat .. i finally understand JJ's Jiang Nan MV .. suitable with the song .. i need time to understand a song .. =D oh and i think there's a Karaoke VCD .. =D i wonder i should buy or not .. hmm .. oh well .. oh n should i buy Jay Chou's book? well just tell me i should buy or not .. =D i'm rich now .. kinda .. =p omg so damn long post .. i gtg .. so bUhbWAiZ



>> Wednesday, 10 November 2004

hAyEeZ .. i'm REALLY REALLY boring .. my bro took over da one n only comp, so i didnt on9 for quite some time .. i miss u comp!!

well i'm goin to a cousin's wedding .. dont feel like going .. cuz i hate calling ppl names .. u know uncle n auntie all those .. xcept its in chinese, n i ALMOST forgot da names adie .. aihz .. i miss da shark fin soup .. i drink at least ONCE in a year .. i know i know .. i'm poor .. =p thats why i'm broke .. sobz

Jay Chou is goin 2 publish a book!! found out in da ENews n newspaper .. i wonder i should buy or not, since i want a 2nd book that i buy it with my own money =p .. i think da money in my piggy bank pringles coin box is enough 2 buy a book .. =D left 4X.XX only .. aihz .. 1st time so broke .. maybe i lurv music too much .. my 1st cd i bought it this year .. hehe~ i still cant believe that i'm poorer then my sis, although i'm kiamsiap then my sis .. aihz ..

i miss my frens .. my old n new ones .. well da new ones are this years .. aihz .. being with them i can smile n laugh truly .. aihz .. in da house?? nah .. u need 2 pay to see my smiling .. sobz .. i juz cant reli get along with em .. hmm .. oic .. my father n my sis are scorpios, my bro is obviously a virgo n my mom is a cancer .. hmm .. da other 3s i know why .. but my mom .. hmm .. maybe she copied my bro .. being so damn bossy .. hehe~ when i came to insult, i will insult cruely .. hehe .. 2nd Paul Moss?? nah~ i care other ppl's feelings too .. undecisive huh .. aihz .. toturing ..

listened to Joi's cd adie .. well joi is Cai Chun Jia, from Spore .. =D quite nice .. i mean da cd .. although most of em is sentimental .. hvent listened 2 Stef Sun's .. aihz .. luckily nv regret .. when i bought eVonne's cd, i NEARLY regretted .. cuz of her voice n some of her songs .. her voice is not powerful enough .. n her songs is just ok .. sorry ar all fans of hers .. well starting to like her songs larz .. i wonder why all songs are like that .. u must listen to quite some time to like it .. =D

da kempas thingy, i wrote some adie .. all gals .. guyz is kinda hard 2 write .. gals one also hard to write .. some larz .. maybe next year i'll just mix with everyone in da class .. so that its easier for me to write if i wanna do it next year .. =D

ok da long post finally over .. hehe~ i'll stop for a few days again .. aihz .. n maybe i'll change my layout .. but not today .. =) oh well hv a nice holidays .. bUhbWAiZ



>> Sunday, 7 November 2004

i went to Atria .. cuz its the nearest place that we can window-shoppng .. went with my mom, my bro and my sis .. bought nth, cuz its window-shopping mah .. we just hv lunch in kFc .. =)

bout da kempas thingy i suggested before, i started, but some dunno how 2 write .. aihz .. i should hv more frens, like rene =D .. wrote bout 8 person adie .. still cant figure out what should write bout me .. aihz .. any suggestions??

Zhe Juin phoned me 2 chat .. she said she nv went to the SHE's concert .. oh kesian .. she siad her uncle got the tix for the concert, Rm 50, in da first row!! n she bought the tix 2 watch shark tale with her cousin .. aiyoh why she let go this perfect chance?? if i were her, i will go to SHE's concert n shout n hv fun .. =) aihz .. Zhe Juin need 2 wait for maybe 2 years or more for SHE to held their another concert in msia .. aihz .. kesian kesian =D finally she bought for me Jay Chou's and JS's cds!! actually she help me 2 buy .. she said cant find Nic Teo's cd .. oh well nvm .. i wonder when i can hv my cds .. =D

after that my cousin sis came .. she bought for us choc ice-cream!! yum .. i think i need to work on my body, since i'm easy 2 fat, hard 2 thin .. =pthen we went to the pasar malam .. cuz just now rain, so dunno got cd stalls or not .. but just incase, i brought RM15 .. yeap they are reli hardworking .. still got some stalls .. bought Stef Sun and Joi (i think)'s cds .. i just dunno why i choose Stef Sun's and Joi's cd .. aihz .. that guy who sells cds suggest me to buy Jaycee and 5566's cds .. haha 5566 i dun think i will buy .. Jaycee's wan leh .. still thinkin bout it .. aihz .. i think i should buy .. regret .. maybe i ask Zhe Juin to help me buy .. aihz i reli broke .. =D

Pei Fang called me to tell me bout the class party .. go 1U .. but dun think can go larz .. plus pn lee is there, make me dun wanna go .. =p no offense larz but kinda weird if an adult that is not reli close with us is following us .. hehe~ sorry .. =p pei fang said that i can go to cengal .. wow .. my form 1 wish .. =D she said this is just temporary .. phew .. cuz hvent prepared, if i hv 2 go 2 better class .. =D she said da average that is 76 n above can go 2 cengal .. wow .. i cant believe it .. now i dun believe my average .. hehe~ and she also said that a lotta belian guyz drop to cengal .. hmm .. maybe pin n charis should follow me .. =p juz kd ..

everyday i sleep with horror .. cuz i read da ghost novel i borrowed from iYiN n it is reli scary .. just read Part 1 then stop adie .. i think da ending is that a director wanna act a movie .. and yada yada .. not quite sure .. =p after i went up to bed, i dun dare open my eyes, or move .. cuz i scared when i open my eyes, i will saw some pairs of eyes are staring at me .. and when i move i scared that there's a thorn or knife or wtv sharp are on my bed .. well and there is one part in da story said that when the mom is sleeping, some red liquid came down from the ceiling .. thats why i'm afraid of .. aihz .. n also another part .. a gal in the story, Kate (i 4got the name) is bathing .. when she bath till half way, some green slimy thing came out from the tap .. eew .. thats why i bath quite quick these days .. =p .. aiyah better dun talk bout it .. after u guyz report 2 da police said that i child abuse or wtv .. =p

wow these days wrote some long posts .. maybe i should stop .. =) well guyz thx for readin .. hv a nice day .. bUhbWAiZ


The full-of-craps entry

>> Thursday, 4 November 2004

hey .. i'm so damn bored now so i wrote this full of crap entry .. if u are also as boring as me, why not read it!!

i hv my piano lessons today .. my teacher came at 9 sth .. as usual larz .. to me is quite early .. =p well i dreamt that my bro told me that my teacher wont come today .. so i decided not to wake up so early .. cuz i wanna see how true is my dream .. lolz .. but she came .. aihz .. why i dun hv sixth sense .. so bad larz .. but some times hving 6th sense is bad too .. if u saw or sense sth bad, then u'll be scared or frightened all day long .. and u will not be very normal ..

watched Jay Chou's Ge Qian MV .. well its sth like this .. Jay Chou is already old .. he is riding his bike .. and then he came 2 da train track there and the train is er .. crossing .. then he accidentally dropped his wallet n he saw a gal photo in it .. he remembered da days when he is working as a window-cleaner in a hospital .. a gal patient was in love with him .. cuz Jay talks to her and bla bla .. and i dun really understand the story after that .. i just know that Jay followed that gal and walk in da city .. then she faint .. and need 2 hv a surgery .. the surgery worked larz .. when the gal woke up, she went to buy ice-cream for Jay .. after she went out from her room, another gal came in 2 dat gal patient's room .. and then she hug Jay (dun really understand) .. and da gal patient saw that .. she hide somehere 2 cry .. Jay knew that and he wanna find her .. but he cant .. aihz .. the ice-cream is McD's ice-cream leh .. lolz .. and Jay kept that gal's photo in his wallet .. then we went back 2 reality .. after the train cross, that gal patient is standing accross the road .. she saw Jay n i dun think Jay saw that .. aihz so sweet yet so sad .. =) hmm .. if guyz dun wanna end up to hv some relationship that u dun want, dun be too caring .. cuz Jay in da MV is quite caring to that gal patient, so she liked him lorz .. lolz

i wanna write sth bout da ppl in my class, like da form 5s in da nostalgia .. u noe, da pages behind .. cuz i'm too boring and i think of this .. i alwiz think of some crazy ideas when i am bored .. =p .. but scared its too offensive, so .. decided not too write .. i hvent started yet .. =) if there is someone who wants me 2 write and post it on my blog, tell me!! hehe~ i want supporters .. =)

i d/l The Rasmus's Guilty from rene .. quite nice .. =) i wonder why she sent me da songs .. maybe she wants to make The Rasmus to be a more popular group or band or wtv?? or maybe she just wanna share that song with everyone?? hmm .. maybe the 2nd one .. she's not addicted to The Rasmus .. =p

hmm .. i think i'm gonna change layout .. MAYBE only .. hvent found a suitable one .. =) i'm undecisive .. waiting for xDiorAngelx and Ev0nE to submit a skin .. lolz .. i cant ask them to hurry up right .. maybe they are busy or sth .. =)

aihz .. no more craps .. think i'm gonna be boring AGAIN .. aihz .. when i'm in skool, i want hols .. when i'm in da hols, i want skool .. when da hols came to da end, i want MORE hols .. i wonder why god create this type of human .. =p oh well gotta go .. bUhbWAiZ .. have a nice days dUdEs



>> Tuesday, 2 November 2004

Guys Like That You're Sensitive

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What Do Guys Like About You?

You Are Right Brained In Love

Bit of a drama queen // Peacemaker, first to end a fight // Good at thinking up creative dates // Tend to fall in love and get hurt easily // Going with your gut instead of your head // Emphathetic and caring, sometimes to a fault // Good at recognizing patterns in relationships // Been in love many times, perhaps too many to count // Wildly passionate and intense when falling in love // Spontaneous with relationships, going with the flow // Overly visual - can play back past dates like movies in your mind // Roses, love poems, and stuffed animals are a good start to winning your heart

Are You Right Brained or Left Brained in Love?



>> Monday, 1 November 2004

Happy burfday to my sis!!

hAyEeZ .. quite long never update adie .. dun feel like blogging .. =p

nothing much happen these days .. watched 2 time Jay Chou's Qi Li Xiang [7 miles fragrance]'s MV for 2 times .. aihz .. hope i dun get bored with this MV .. hehe~ read the ghost story book that i borrowed from iyin .. quite boring .. got 3 parts larz .. started 2 read today .. just read the 1st part .. quite scary .. its about a house in 99 Fear Street .. very scary larz .. aihz .. the 2nd ghost story that makes me scared .. the 1st one is a book from iyin too .. its about cheerleading .. i think its the same author which is RL Stine .. aihz .. dunno i should continue read ghost stories or not .. =)

still cant figure out what silver, orange and er .. grey represents .. silver gives me those robot-ic feelings .. =p but dont think silver represents robots ..

goin 2 change the layout .. maybe 2day or tmrw .. i need black skins now .. =)


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