tOdAy sO MaLaNg ..

>> Wednesday, 20 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. today so damn malang .. cuz 2day my piano teacher came, and she taught me from 10.30 to 11.30 .. and my transporter came at 11.55 .. aihz .. she came when i'm hving my lunch .. and my maid told her that i wont go 2 skool .. g r r .. and then i went 2 yuk chai 2 wait for my transporter .. and i wait 4 so damn long .. for every 30 seconds i see my watch .. hoping i'm not late .. when i wanna borrow a uncle's hp 2 phone my transporter, she came .. ah finally .. but still late larz .. hehe .. well i wore pJ clothes .. and kena by Merah .. well ppl who wore pj clothes and nv bring uniform .. aihz .. well when we are called, i am so damn scared .. rene and iyin are so lucky .. they brought their uniform .. and then after i went in, no feelings at all .. haha~ i cant even listen what Merah said .. just dun do it again .. haha~ i'm weird .. well and then pJ lorz .. and then kH .. i think pn soo nv come .. we wait outside da teacher's office quite long .. and then we went back our class .. and then we wanna practice our dance .. dunno who invited the nv-dancin ones 2 dance with us .. we are kinda crazy .. haha~ so damn fun .. dance and dance and dance .. haha~ my hand still ache, but not as ache as yesterday .. aihz .. need audition ..

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