>> Thursday, 21 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. i'm late to school again .. hehe~ well let see what happen .. ermm .. ah we hv a singin patriotik song competition .. juz 2 songs 2 choose, that is Jalur Gemilang and Keranamu Msia .. most of em choose Keranamu Msia .. well we are obviously not gonna win this .. Yu Szen is da conductor .. well you know how da conductor moves their hands right? he simply move, and sometimwshaha~ my friend said that 2 kempas is born to entertain others .. haha~ very agree .. 2 Belian got first .. well as i expected .. hehe~ they are quite good .. and then we hv a skin care ceramah .. the first part i nv listen .. cuz Zhe Juin kept doing me .. aihz .. after that got listen lorz .. Eating chocs wont get pimples??!! weird .. everyone of us got one sample of their facial wash or sth .. 5ml oni .. haha~ then we went back to class lorz .. practice dancin .. after practicin 2 times Rene (i tink) invite the ones who nv dance .. not reli very high .. maybe we need 2 try other ways?? hehe~

well i need 2 change another layout for my blog .. dun think u guyz can see da Jay Chou pic .. =p 4get to upload it .. okie bUhbWAiZ

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