>> Thursday, 14 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. Pn Noor gave us a crossword puzzle 2 solve .. then bM .. luckily she doesnt give us anythin 2 do .. ermm i mean NEARLY .. hehe~ we play Millionaire .. today i'm quite lucky .. lots of money comin in .. if thats REAL money and its mine then good lorz .. aihz .. and then English .. suguna said need 2 multiply with 90, not 100, so all our marks went down .. waaaaaay down .. i got 80 .. =] cuz got 8 for my homework/attitude i tink .. hehe~ PoL Sia asks us 2 do anythin we want .. for da first time he is good .. and then someone put a chewing gum or sth on da floor .. some ppl stepped it .. then Zhe Juin suggest 2 let Sia 2 step on it .. she move the table a lil bit .. and Sia reli step on it!! its in my expectation, cuz sia dun look at the floor when he walks .. haha~ Pn Tan give us 2 solve a crossword puzzle and another thing, which has no name 2 do .. our group is me, Pin, iYiN and Min .. at first we are quite serious, doin all that, then we start crapping again .. the no-name thing some are quite hard .. some we just tembak, and its correct!! and da crossword puzzle which need 2 find elements and compound, most of them we tembak .. haha~ the crossword puzzle got lotta "AMUI", and i say the person who did this love Anita Mui a lot, and 2 show the world how much that person loves Anita Mui, he decided 2 use this way 2 show it .. haha~ lame huh .. finally we finished .. we found a lotta words inside the puzzle .. haha~ conclusion -- relax and being crappy sumtimes is good .. haha~ okie i laughed 2 much .. need 2 rest, bUhbWAiZ ..

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