>> Sunday, 24 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. 2day i went to pin's house .. well i dunno why we go there .. =p juz me and zhe juin went 2 her house .. we observe pin's bed .. well looks like a zoo, cuz got da llama, donkey and a horse .. haha~ cuz we are quite boring .. oh pin, pin's bro and pin's uncle are cleaning da house, so we are kinda disturbing them .. sorry yea .. and then we play UNO lorz .. i lose .. sobz .. haha~ then we went 1U .. cuz zhe juin and pin wanna buy da bandana or wtv and a hat .. we walk for so damn long baru buy 2 bandanas .. then we walk for a loooooong time baru saw a shop which sold hates that is RM5 .. haha cheap .. i bought one, blue colour .. cuz pin took the nicest beidge colour .. sobz .. oh and pin is reli weird .. she says black represents elegant, blue represents freedom, yellow represents money ,white represents romantic and red represents death .. weird larz .. i think that white represents pure, or maybe innocent, and yellow represents sunshine .. and purple represents scary .. aiyah its true larz .. haha~ then we went 2 McD to eat .. so damn full men .. then we go back lorz .. pin wore a high heel shoe .. when she walk the time her shoe fell off .. hahahaha~

well 8PM got da super TVBS concert live in AEC .. well i gotta watch!! bUhbWAiZ ..

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