>> Sunday, 17 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. woke up at 9 sth .. actually is quite early adie .. i normally wake up at 10 sth .. hehe~ very weird .. very weird .. well i dunno y i wake up early .. and then i go downstairs and eat my breakfast .. i normally hv breakfast and read da paper .. and da FIRST PAGE of da entertainment news (i normally read this first), JJ IS ON IT!! i'm easily get high .. well maybe half of dat news .. he won some awards in da ermm .. China best Songs award or wtv, since i direct translate it .. he beat Jay Chou!! wow .. chun-ted!! Jay chou is very good, but JJ beat him!! oh yea .. i say its weird cuz when i wake up early (8 or 9 sth), the entertainment news will hv JJ in it .. wow .. thats why .. i tink this is da 3rd time .. hmm .. weird .. =] btw da credit is god, letting me wake up at so damn early 2 see JJ, me, for waking up so early =p , da reporters for reporting da news, da person who sents da paper and er .. JJ!! for being a singer

nv go 2 Pin's house and practice dancin .. aihz so damn boring at home .. and i heard they practice a lot adie .. aihz .. we dance Hey You .. i tink .. da ones in pin's house will hv a lotta fun .. sobz .. hope they missed me .. =p hehe~ hope i can cope up 2 their dancin .. da Trivia Party is not reli very funny .. Wilber's best friend Tag Zhi Zhong is one of da guest 2day!! nyahahahaha .. kesian iYiN .. Tang is quite quiet .. and serious .. cant stand serious people .. =p Prawn's heart is in da HEAD??!! then where's his brain?? hmm ..

i watched WuHa's MV again!! nyahahahaha .. so damn funny .. mum ask me why am i laughing so much .. kesian iYiN .. nv gotta see .. but i'm kesian-er .. cuz she gotta go shopping in 1U, and i stay at home!! grr .. and i heard Min went 2 da Yu Xie Jiang .. why dun she call me?? grr ..

finally da mouse is fixed .. so get used 2 using keyboard .. but i'm easily change .. nyahahahaha~ but maybe i'll like Jay Chou after JJ!! hehe~ Jay is da 2nd in my heart .. u noe da 1st larz .. hehe~ well most of da good news is in this post .. and gotta bring pJ clothes 2mrw .. aihz .. oh i gotta go .. bUhbWAiZ

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