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>> Tuesday, 12 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. 2day is quite boring .. and quiet .. cuz a lotta ppl nv come 2 skool .. aihz .. lets start my post from da morning .. =]

i dreamt JJ .. again .. hehe~ ermm .. the location is in Genting, Time is unrecognizable .. da dream its quite short oni .. compare 2 my last one .. actually JJ's part is quite short oni .. hehe~ the weather is quite misty .. i saw 2 ppl, wearing those ancient-china clothes, u noe those clothes u saw in da shows, they are using a sword and fight .. i tink 1 girl 1 boy .. and far from them is a stage .. i sat quite far from them and da stage .. theres no chair, so i sit on da floor .. hehe~ and then i heard someone singing .. cant recognize da voice and da song .. cuz da song is kinda fast .. and then when da song comes 2 da chorus, i noe its JJ's Hai Pa .. it is kinda fast .. wanna make sure its JJ, i ran towards da stage .. just after i make sure its him, he turns around and ran away .. i tink he sees me .. sobz .. beside the stage theres a thing that can climb .. dunno 2 where larz .. he climb that thing .. hehe~ and then suddenly i change 2 those ancient-china clothes (its hard 2 imagine) and fly towards that 2 person, rmb?? and then i use the sword that came nowhere 2 fight with those 2 person .. weird .. no reasons .. haha~ then my maid woke me up .. aihz .. this is really weird, these days i nv listen 2 JJ's songs, maybe watched JJ's Mei Ren Yu 's MV, but just once!! and why are those ancient-china ppl there?? weird ..

only 18 ppl came 2day .. Pn Lee let us play Maths Magic .. the game is ok lorz .. i won!! hehe~ i counted my percentage .. its not 70++ ar .. i counted wrongly .. its just 65, cuz just 8 subjects .. i cant get an A, but i can get 75++ for my percentage if my geografi got 80 and above .. =] aihz .. got so low .. and then its Seni .. i tink .. Cik Noor Aini wants us 2 make a japanese doll .. she is kinda excited .. hehe~ i make a no-head doll, which her dress is pink!! nyahahahaha~ i got Fish's Yan Wei Die adie!! yay!!

after Seni, Pn koh came in .. aihz .. so damn scary .. Pin, Zhe Juin, iYiN and Min played a dunno what game, which needs 2 pass a story 2 da last person, and dat person need 2 say the story loudly .. me and Rene is boring, and dun wanna play their game, so we play our own .. we play the finger-doll game .. haha~ my finger is Jay Chow, and Rene's finger is Jolin Tsai .. haha~ if u noe some rumours from da chinese entertainment news u'll know why we choose this couple .. haha~ Rene's acting skills (or maybe making sound skills) is chun-ted .. i cant react!! haha~ and then we play iYiN and Wilber .. iYiN heard that, but she dont know Rene's finger is her .. Wilber's chinese name is Pan Wei Bo, and normally we say da full name, and iYiN just call Wei Bo .. is she close 2 Wilber?? and then we play Ella and ZChen, 4 dunno wat reason .. haha~ we are very boring mah .. Koh said that the six (or five??) of us is da noisest, especially iYiN .. rene said that deaf ppl usually speaks very loud .. that means iYiN .. cuz i can call her 100 times, and at da 100 time baru she heard me .. this is true!! nyahahahaha~

i tink this is da longest post .. and dats all, bUhbWAiZ!!

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