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>> Thursday, 7 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. went 2 skool 2day .. still a normal day when teacher is not in class .. laugh, talk, sing .. hehe~ Me, Zhe Juin, Pin and Min singing Remix .. haha~ Me and Zhe Juin sing ZChen's Mo Ri Zhi Lian , Min and Pin sing Jay Chow's Qi Li Xiang <7> .. we laugh a lot, but we still made it .. whoo hoo!! hehe~ quite weird ..

Rene borrowed me 2 books .. and i choose da thin one .. i read finish adie!! ah ....... it will be boring on da hols .. juz 1 day oni larz .. hehe~ quite nice .. =]

2day science teacher gave us a crossword puzzle 2 solve .. girls vs boys .. one of da question is which food contains mineral, vitamins and er .. fibre .. this question is for girls .. start with S, 5 letters .. its not fruit, and jesse (i tink) said salad .. dats da answer .. no one expect it!! and today is salad day .. da boys come out with salad-er .. wat does dat mean?? hmm ..

2day is just a normal day, and also called salad day, hehe, okie this is how long my post will be!! bUhbWAiZ ..

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