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>> Friday, 15 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. today we come 2 skool early 2 practice our dance, and go back early .. cuz da malays got puasa .. kesian them .. =] iYiN said she will reached at 12.30 or maybe a lil late .. but guess wat, after we come (xcept Zhe Juin), she came, at 12.50!! aihz .. she ar, its not nice 2 be late, since u promise 2 reach at a certain time .. she wore a weird pants, which da colours is not nice .. then she stepped on dog shit!! OMG .. 1st time saw someone stepped it .. kesian her .. who ask her 2 be so late huh?? lolz .. then Betty call us 2 go 2 dewan .. they want us 2 hv a gotong royong .. 2 clean up da tables and chairs .. luckily we nv kena Sia and Suguna, which is da teacher 2 watch us .. suguna will nag 4eva non stop, and Sia, aihz .. dun talk bout it .. we hv not enuff thinner, and we change da water every er .. 2 minutes i think, and we got da water every 7 minutes .. just estimate da time oni ar!! hehe~ my hand is soooo pain, cuz of da rubbing .. my hand still a lil pain .. aihz .. no class leh .. cuz before rehat we clean, then after rehat need 2 wait for betty 2 check if its reli clean, and its almost time 2 go back, so we stay there .. Charis gives us da script for da drama .. after that we practice our dance again .. just practice a lil bit .. Rene set a rule that whoever is not serious need 2 pay 1 bick, at first, and then 2 bucks, and then 3!! haha~ oh when we were cleaning da classroom, Pn Lee was checkin da marks, or wtv .. i got numbuh 4!! hooray!! but dunno can go 2 better class or not .. cuz got PMR mah .. need 2 be more hardworking .. =p iYiN 4got 2 bring money for Rene, cuz iYiN want 2 buy Wilber's WuHa album .. nyahahahaha~ cant buy lorz .. this is da ermm .. balasan 2 be sooo late, which make us stand under da sun and finding for shelter for almost 20 minutes!! nyahahahaha~ i'm PURE evil .. need 2 stop here .. bUhbWAiZ

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