>> Monday, 25 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. 2day we watched the day after tomorrow .. dunno why .. well never watch it before but kinda boring .. maybe the weather its too hot .. hot weather makes me wanna sleep .. aihz .. rene told iyin the whole story .. if u know the story the movie wont be so nice larz .. then we hv rehearsal .. well i think our dance is worse then last time .. maybe cuz we never practice .. =p they say need 2 go 2 pin's house 2 practice .. aihz .. i obviously cant go larz .. maybe i practice myself?? aihz ..

rene and pin and er .. min i think gave me a pencil case and a reli reli cute piggy!! the pencil case's material is jeans .. i wonder how they know .. maybe i told pin too much .. =p and the piggy is sooooooooooo cute!! i just cant resist it .. hmm .. i realized pink represents sweet, hehe .. thx 2 da cute piggy!! maybe i need 2 give it a name .. hmm .. oh well i need 2 think a looong time for a name, so bUhbWAiZ

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