Last day in school

>> Thursday, 28 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. today is the last day in school .. well kinda .. maybei'll come again in november or december 2 buy books .. lolz ..

today we did some boring things .. we are in da hall .. all of us were grouped into 8 person .. in our group got me, rene, pin, iyin, zhe juin, sarah chan n liyin from keruing .. teachers gave us mahjong paper n old newspaper .. they say need 2 advertise about a place .. cut the pix or wtv from the paper n stick it on the mahjong paper .. actually it is quite boring .. well belian got the best ad .. i wonder why belian's luck is so good this year .. lolz .. after that recess .. very very lil choice .. SERIOUS .. aihz .. then we went back to our class in blok D, cuz blok A, B, C n F's table are arranged for SPM .. we sang in da class .. and then chat .. and then shout .. n do some boring things lorz .. like saw someone walk by we laugh .. or if we saw someone we know walks by we shout their name .. haha~ i know its lame .. cuz nth 2 do .. haha~ i think this is da year which i shouted the most .. hehe~ aihz last day in school meetin my frens .. hope we are still in da same class .. =)

aihz .. need 2 prepare to hv a really boring hols .. sigh .. n need 2 find a new layout for my bloggie .. aihz .. life is weird .. for no reason .. =p

the piggy is still cute

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