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>> Monday, 11 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. got 85 for bI .. aihz .. just cant get a 90++ for 1 examz .. aihz .. da best is my seni .. hehe~ just 2 more marks!! sobz .. well nvm .. =] got my chinese paper .. got 69 oni!! rene is da chun-test .. i tink .. =] her karangan is so damn funny .. a lotta songs inside .. like CynDi Wang's Yue Guang and Energy's Wo Ting Jian Tian Shi Ge Chang (sth like dat) .. haha~ and da karangan is oso quite sad .. haha~ mine leh, haha~ when i write da time nth funny, but after i read, haha~ y so funny wan .. cuz rene spot da funny thing in it .. she reli can find jokes in ordinary things ..

we played sth .. well i tink like its in a court .. hehe~ Rene is my lawyer .. i'm proud of it .. =] i'm da murderer!! haha~ but it ends up nth .. cuz we fight on my DNA .. and then teacher came in .. haha~ i "murdered" Zhe Juin, and the ghost of her come 2 da court and kacau .. haha~ i mengorban 1 of my hair .. haha~ act as evidence .. i wonder how can it solve da mystery .. juz 1 evidence .. and cuz i hv siblings, the DNA will maybe the same, and the others doesnt agree, so they kinda fight lorz .. aihz .. and da 2nd reason we cant solve is we laugh 2 much .. i laugh until my stomach ache .. haha~

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