>> Friday, 29 October 2004

hAyEeZ .. 2day no school .. just form 1s .. i went back 2 Yuk Chai .. cuz my friend come 2 my house n teman her go there .. so i go lorz .. aihz cant find the canteen .. cuz they change da place .. da roller coaster (u noe, the junk food) is 50 sens .. omg so xpensive .. lolz .. i tot it is 40 sens or less .. aihz .. oh my friend, that is esther, ask me 2 meet yijienn .. wow long time never see her adie ..she is thinner .. oh esther is taller n thinner .. this makes me feel depressed .. lolz .. yijienn said that her bro (dunno what name) like iyin's sis .. omg .. haha~ think iyin will be mad if she read this .. but dun think so .. =p

then we went to yijienn's house .. yeap went before .. but still think that the house is big .. lolz .. she is so damn rich .. well we played Cho Dai D .. well in cantonese larz .. think my luck is quite bad today .. i just win for 1 time, since that is da first time i sang ZChen's Bao You Wo [bless me] .. aihz .. then we play speed .. cuz long time nv play adie, so became slow .. luckily my standard is as same as esther's .. =p then we play da dancin map .. it is nice, but is quite hard .. now i know why yijienn is soo thin .. she hv dancin class, n she hv this dancin map .. aihz .. jealous .. =p then she teach us Britney Spears' Cinderella .. i think the dance her dancin teacher teach .. aihz alwiz 4get steps .. although its quite easy .. =p then we play Cho DAi D again .. aihz alwiz lose .. sobz .. went back at 5 sth .. so damn fun .. =)

the piggy is still unresistable .. =)

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